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Davey Silensor Pool Pump When it comes to purifying tank water, Aquasafe is the right product to be used.  Forget harsh chemicals that are often toxic, keep the rainwater clean by using Aquasafe, a non-toxic alternative which is safe for use around the family.

Aquasafe is an easy and cost effective method for tank water cleansing and disinfection.  It does not contain chlorine and has no odour or taste.  Aquasafe leaves the water safe to drink and has been approved to do so by the National Health and Medical Research council.

As rainwater is collected into the tank, it must first pass through catchments such as rooftops and gutters.  These catchments of course are not clean.   Bird and animal droppings, rotting foliage and dirt gathers on such places and when it rains all of these unwanted materials that may contain harmful germs and bacteria, such as E. coli and streptococci, are washed into the water tank contaminating the captured water.  By using the correct dosage of Aquasafe, the harmful bacteria and different forms of virus that can be found in non treated tank water are destroyed by oxidation, leaving the water disease free and safe to drink.

Aquasafe kills next to all the harmful bad guys without leaving any toxic residue or bad taste and breaks down into water and oxygen at the end of its oxidation process.  As the name suggests, Aquasafe is a totally safe way to purify tank water by means of liquid disinfection, undergoing a two stage process that instantly oxidises all germs, leaving a residual that keeps the water clean.

Not only can harmful bacteria be found in the substances washed into the tank water,  Aquasafe prevents algae from forming after light enters the tank.  Aquasafe also destroys mosquito larvae and keeps at bay the horrid smell and taste produced from stagnated water.

The benefits of Aquasafe vastly out way those of other cleanser; not only has Aquasafe been tested to be more effective than its more toxic, chlorine based counterparts, with vast testing Aquasafe has proven to destroy over sixty kinds of the nasty germs. It is longer lasting as well.  Under normal conditions one dosage of Aquasafe will protect the tank water for up to two months.  No chorine based purifier works for anywhere near that long.

One litre of the liquid disinfectant will sanitise and guard ten thousand litres of tank water.  Aquasafe is the logical choice when it comes to helping the environment, leaving no toxic residue as well as keeping the family safe from illness.  Aquasafe is a colourless liquid and has no taste or smell and it eradicates the foul smells and taste that can be associated with still water.

Aquasafe comes in one, five and twenty-five litre bottles.  Test strips are also available to ensure the tank water has the right dosage.

Why look to any other form of tank water purification.  Aquasafe has been tried and tested and is proven to work, keeping safe the family and environment, offering clean tasting water.

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