Are you getting value for money when you purchase your Sand Filter?

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Media Filters Now a basic point to remember: All the current ranges of filter carry a 10-year tank and 2-year Multi Port Valve warranty!

So is there that much difference between them based on that?

Yes, to a degree! The MPV (multi port valve) carries a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. While some people talk about place of manufacture. Out in the field they all operate to a similar performance. They are a wearing part with gaskets, and occasionally you will break a handle. This is a fact with these items. But this should happen in the first half dozen years of service. Actually the Zodiac filters have a very positive feel about them. But all main stream manufacturers of filters make a good valve.

The tanks are the main area of difference. Davey has a “T” lateral which does offer some amount of performance improvement with cleaning of the sand in backwash procedures. But no apparent difference in filtration.

The tanks are all thermoplastic. But the better media filter tanks are fibreglass wound. What this means when the sand filter is working to maximum performance the burst strength is better due to the reinforcing fibreglass wrapping. Generally a lot of problems are caused by the miss-matching of the sand/media filter to the pump.

As a rule of thumb a:

  • 21” filter requires a 0.75hp pump.
  • 25” filter requires a 1hp pump.
  • 28” filter requires a 1.5hp pump.

A lot of people also think that the cloudiness in the pool is due to the inability of the pool filter to clear debris out of the water. There are many reasons for this cloudiness in the pool. These reasons can include; old filter sand in the filter, lack of back washing, even high pH may cause some milkiness in the water. One other reason is the ability of filter sand to filter to a fine enough level.

Bags of Sand Filter Sand is the oldest and cheapest way to use a sand filter is with kiln dried graded filter sand, but recently there are 2 real alternatives to filter sand, being Zeolite and Glass Media. Filter sand is based on river sands and is a material that will degrade over a shorter amount of time. The main reason for usage of this material now is simply based on cost.


Bags of ZelbriteZeolite is a volcanic particle which is very random in shape, and due to this will filter to about the 5 micron level. When compared to sand at 15 micron, Zeolite will filter the finer debris such as dust and pollens from the water. While it is roughly twice the price, it will last 10 years in a domestic pool compared to 3 to 5 years for filter sand.

Zodiac Galss Media
Glass Media
is the more expensive option. It will filter equally as fine as the Zeolite, but its main advantages are a life expectancy of the life of the media filter. Due to glass being inert it also allows you to use Magnesium Salts in the water which a lot of people like due to the softness in feel of your skin after swimming in the pool.

The main point for this article is that a good, properly matched pump combination with the newer filter medias in them will save you money in maintenance and make your swimming more pleasurable. Below is a list of Sand or Media Filters we commonly sell. Just remember the filter and the pump work together as a matching unit.

Davey Products to Zodiac Australia Price Comparison
Dealer requirements from Davey state that we are not allowed to be transparent in our pricing to you with their Davey Products range.
Sand or Media Filter
diametre in inches
21 inch
greater than $490.00
25 inch 40mm valve
greater than $576.00
25 inch 50mm valve
28 inch
greater than $760.00
32 inch
greater than $1000.00
36 inch
greater than $1299.00
Products are comparable fibreglass wound filters. Freight to either may need to be added

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