Autochlor AC Salt Chlorinator is a tried and tested option

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Autochlor AC Salt Chlorinator
If you are after a rock solid non-reverse polarity salt water chlorinator for your swimming pool. Then the Autochlor AC series is the one for you!

Using non-reverse polarity technology to generate a reliable rate of chlorine generation at an affordable operational outlay. The Autochglor AC salt water generator is powered a low voltage high current transformer. This also has the advantage of not putting dangerous 240 volt current close to you and your water and a lower tendency to power surge / power disruption. This unit has the power to properly maintain your pool Chlorine level without the need for extra expense and chemicals when properly installed.

The Autochlor AC series are a highly versatile swimming pool salt water chlorinator suited, but not only, to residential applications. With a range of several models starting with the ACMINI at 5 grams per hour output to the AC100HD with a whopping 100 grams per hour output. There is an Autochlor AC series salt water chlorinator to suit your needs.

Autochlor™ water disinfection systems are not limited solely to residential applications’ they are also widely used in commercial/industrial applications (SR/SA and SRC/SAC series).


  • Non-Reverse Polarity
  • Powered by Transformer Power Supply
  • Salinity Range: 4,500 – 6,500 mg/L

Warranty guide:

  • Residential application – As of 1 January 2010 3 years on the power supply and electrolytic cell
  • Commercial applications – 1 year on the power supply and electrolytic cell

Autochlor AC Salt Water Chlorinator model range:

Model Gas Equivalent g/h
AC15 15
AC20 20
AC25 25
AC35 35
AC50 50
AC50HD 50
AC100HD 100

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