Control the pump – Zodiac ePump and Aqualink!

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Two pool products that need to be mentioned in the same sentence are the Jandy e-Pump and Jandy Aqualink. Individually they are excellent units for people serious about their pool and other water features. Together they link up harmoniously managing the swimming pools needs efficiently, quietly and cost effectively. The Jandy e-Pump is one of the very best pumps on the market and when it comes to controlling the water flow and all other aspects of electric pool function then the Jandy Aqualink is an absolute must. The e-Pump and the Aqualink work in tandem with one another and will help keep the pool in perfect condition.
Zodiac Jandy ePumpThe Jandy e-Pump’s state of the art design allows it to pump water using its eight variable speeds to customise water flow. It has plenty of power available but when plenty isn’t needed, energy does not have to be wasted because the power can be easily reduced by decreasing the e-Pumps speed. Money can be saved on electricity using the Jandy e-Pump and its multiple speeds. The e-Pump is user friendly with features such as the largest trap basket available, giving you more time enjoying the pool then tending to it.
Zodiac Jandy ePumpThe best way to control the e-Pump is by using the Jandy aqualink; and you even get the choice of a portable, hand-held control or an inside, mounted control. Just think, it is possible to control the e-Pump, and all other electric aspects of the pool from inside the house with the Aqualink RS One Touch. It is the perfect indoor control panel and can control – would you believe – up to 32 pool functions. The hand-held Aqualink RS PDA can control up to eight different functions and it is water proof and floats. So you can be lazing, playing or swimming and not have to leave the pool to turn something on or off. Why not just control it while still in the pool.
For superior pool products Jandy have the range covered. Both the e-Pump and aqualink are ergonomic and practical in design and will last and last; the aqualink controlling the e-Pump for maximum efficiency and giving the pool an irresistible sparkle for maximum pleasure.
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