Davey PoolSweepa Optima, Better Cleaning, Better Savings!

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The Davey PoolSweepa Optima is the latest top end robotic swimming pool cleaner from Australias’ most trusted pool equipment manufacturer and supplier Davey Water Products. From what was an “over the top” expensive professional pool cleaner from several years ago. The reduction in costs, and the uptake and supply to the domestic swimming pool market. Makes the Davey PoolSweepa Optima a great alternative to those people who care about their pool!
Traditionally the better pool cleaners where systems which had their own external pressure pump and all the plumbing that went along with them, and not to forget the ugly plumbing and sometimes dangerous fittings that protruded into the swimming pool. The Polaris and JetVac, although good cleaners, where examples of this older and less compact style of swimming pool cleaning system. Once the Davey PoolSweepa Optima has done its job and been removed from the swimming pool, there is nothing protruding into the pool to interfere with you enjoying your pool experience.
The PoolSweepa Optima is a top of the range cleaner in terms of pool size, cleaning capability and energy savings. Optima is suited for larger domestic and lower end commercial pools up to 15 metres in length.
The environmentally friendly cleaning process of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima means you will require less chemicals to maintain an accurate water balance and water clarity. PoolSweepa Optima scrubs, brushes, vacuums and coarsely filters the swimming pool water to help prevent germination of algae and bacteria. Also one of the under-appreciated but highly desired aspects of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima is its ability to scrub the waterline of the pool, this will eliminate that ugly scum line around the top edge of the swimming pool water line.
Dual Drive a feature of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima allows for a far smoother and manoeuvrable drive system to be employed. So the tighter corners and variable surfaces of a lot of swimming pools is no longer a problem with the PoolSweepa Optima.
The Davey PoolSweepa Optima comes with the choice of wither a course debris bag (standard) or the addon option of a finer bag. The course bag is recommended for most installations as higher dust levels in Australia may clog the finer bag quickly reducing its performance.
Davey Water Products offer a 3-year parts warranty, so you know your PoolSweepa Optima will be supported by one of Australias’ most trusted swimming pool equipment companies!
The Davey PoolSweepa Optima when compared to its competition such as Pandoora, K-Bot, Zodiac V3, Dolphin robotic cleaners, the PoolSweepa Optima will leave them in its wake! So enjoy the benefits of the Davey Water Products PoolSweepa Optima in your concrete or fibreglass swimming pool.


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