Floc’ing your dirty pool

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Floods in Queensland and New South Wales! With the amount of rain, flooding and debris being deposited in most swimming pools the question becomes. How do I clean my Swimming Pool?  Assuming that your pump and filter are safe to use and operational, you may be able to clean up your pool with only a little “elbow grease”. The first thing is to judge how dirty the pool actually is.

If you have not had any sewerage or other contaminants go in the pool. If flood waters have inundated your pool with larger debris, you may need to empty the pool and clean the super-structure then refill and balance. If this is not the case you may be able to use a flocculant to get your pool back to a swimmable condition. How is this done?

On inspection of your pool, you are not able to see the floor of your pool, this is a typical indication that you need to floc the pool. The basic points are as follows:

  • Do not try to filter the water to clear it.
  • Put the sand filter valve to “Recirculate or Bypass”.
  • Leave the pool water level at a high level, as you will be vacuuming to waste when the time comes.
  • Rake out as much as possible. This will help with the effectiveness of the floc being used.
  • Super Chlorinate to water with liquid chlorine to help stop organic growth. The pump can be on for this to help circulate the chlorine through the water.
  • Check the Alkalinity of the water. In my experiences a level above 140ppm seems to help the floc work and settle the debris out of the water.
  • Brush all the surface to help unstick any debris that may have adhered to the surface.

This is a brief description of how to clean your pool. And your circumstance may vary greatly. If you are unsure please contact us, or your local pool professional.

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