Improve Your Life With Glass Swimming Pool Filter Media

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Zodiac Glass Media

Glass Media is the newest generation of sand replacement materials for swimming pools sand filters.

Traditionally in the past the sand filter (now commonly referred to as Media Filter) for the swimming pool has used a Kiln Dried Sand. Now with increased performance requirements for a cleaner pool, and the addition of newer pool water treatments such as Magnesium Salts which can only be used in a pool which uses the Glass Medias’ for filtration.

Glass Pool Filter Media is a 2 part filter media which consists of a course glass bead to be put in the bottom of the filter, this forms 25% to 30% of the total bead weight. The fine glass bead is put on top of this and makes the basis for the filtration of the swimming pool filter.

Glass Filter Crystals – Media Ratio
Code Crystals 21″ 25″ 28″ 32″ 36″
WF000001 FINE 3 5 8 13 17
WF000002 COURSE 1 2 3 5 6
Total Bags 4 7 11 18 23


Manufactured from  a cleansed glass pearl material, the glass pearls are a new generation of swimming pool filter media providing superior water clarity  Its spherical shape results in a reduced adhesion of particulate matter, reducing backwashing requirements. This results in easier and quicker backwashing cycles of the swimming pool filter resulting is a lower usage of water and time savings.

Sparkling Water

With a small size of only 0.6mm to 0.8mm. Its small particle size allows for a finer filter and makes for less frequent backwashing of the media filter. Swimming pool sand and media filters running correctly can filter down to particle sizes less than 5 microns.

Water Savings

As mentioned the glass beads are smooth in shape and results in a low amount of friction. This reduces pool filter backwash requirements. When used properly the glass media swimming pool filters may save up to 20% of water usage requirements for backwash cycles.

Save Water

Glass Media is manufactured from glass and as a result is chemically inert. Tests of many glass media types have found them to filter to a level suitable for Australian Drinking Water Standards.

As a result of these types of technical advantages making their way into the swimming pool industry, you the swimming pool owner is able to take advantage of the various saving which the use of these types of advances allow for your swimming pool and the equipment related to it.

So if you wish to have a pool that is able to have that final sparkle, consider the use of Swimming Pool Glass Filter Media. Its inert properties, fine particle filtration and longevity of life in the pool make for a, in term long term, very cost effective solution for the filtration of your swimming pool.


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