Is your Swimming Pool OK for the Northern Summer?

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Epools InternationalThe Northern Hemisphere is coming out of Winter and back into its Spring and Summer periods. This does of course mean that the requirements around your pool will increase with the warming weather and increasing usage. So regardless of living in France, Span, Portugal, United Kingdom or other parts of Europe, or even in  North America, these requirements do come to the forefront of our attention.

The chemistry of your pool is a very important part of this. The common items such as pH and Alkalinity of the pool will require more maintenance to ensure the chemistry of the pool is kept neutral to your skin balance. As well as this there is a variety of auxiliary supplements to the pool that can and will help keep the pool healthy and clear for the oncoming season. These include clarifiers, to keep the pool sparkling by removing the finer particles from the water, and, Stabiliser (Isocyanuric Acid) this is a sunblock to stop the leaching of chlorine to the atmosphere. By suing Stabilizer this can be the key reducing your chlorine needs and improving your Salt Chlorinator performance.

Epools Zodiac Tri Series Salt CellsSalt Chlorinators Cells are an item that either not having to be operated over Winter to being only lightly used over this period. Any reduction due to cell wear is normally not apparent. But as the weather warms up and the heat of the days increases, your Salt Chlorinators Cell needs to perform closer to its peak efficiency. The average Salt Chlorinator Cell, even when properly maintained, only has a 5 to 7 year life span and any cells older than this often can only perform to a low percentage of their new peak performance. if at all!

Often a Salt Chlorinator will show “low salt” when the cell is in need of replacement. Many people just keep putting in bags of pool salt in an effort and hope that the light will go out. But unfortunately the salt is not the issue and the Salt Cell is! Also many Swimming Pool Salt Water Chlorinators have an ideal operating range for them to perform.  Many are in the 4000ppm to 5000ppm range, these include Zodiac/Clearwater, Chloromatic  where up to 7000ppm is fine for usage. Some of the Low Salt Swimming Pool Chlorinators do not like to go much more than 500ppm above their recommended salt level, these include some Pool Power and Compupools salt chlorinators.

Some things to look for in a low performing Pool Salt System:

  • Scorch marks on the salt cell plates.
  • Broken or worn plates.
  • Self-Cleaning Salt Cells with calcium build-up on the plates.
  • Aged or frayed leads to the salt cell.
  • Low UV blockout concentrations to help keep the chlorine in the water.
  • Also too much UV blockout, which may stop the chlorine from working in the pool.
  • Incorrect salt levels in the pool.

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