The Jandy Aqualink – the Best Control

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Zodiac Aqualink ControllerPacked with features and of stylish design and build, the Jandy Aqualink RS is the only control system you will need to control the pool and all of its features – and this can even be done from inside the house!  If you are proud of your pool, spa and other features you have worked hard for, then you will be awestruck with the brilliance of the Jandy Aqualink RS.
Just think, in this day and age it is unheard of not to have your t.v. and home entertainment equipment not operate via remote control.  Shouldn’t it be the same for your pool, spa and power equipment that goes with it.  Of course it should.  The Aqualink gives you this modern day option by controlling all functions that make the pool area just what it is – fantastic.  The Aqualink will take the concern of monitoring the pool away from you and do all the work, having the ability to control over thirty different parts and features.   You can either set operations using automatic timers or control each function with a simple to use keypad.  Either way, the Jandy Aqualink takes the hassle out of pool maintenance and the entire pool area will never run smoother.
From adjusting pool and spa temperatures to controlling the outside lighting, the Jandy Aqualink covers every aspect of effectively running and monitoring the swimming pool and all features that go with it by the touch of a button.  The Aqualink will also automate the filtration of the pool by linking with the filter and controlling its cycles, it will allow you to swap from pool to spa by the merest of touches or to have it turn on automatically, the Aqualink will separately control all water features such as waterfalls and has built in safety features such as automatic heater cool down and freeze protection.  The Jandy Aqualink takes care of it all!
The Jandy Aqualink RS is easy to operate and is ergonomic and compact in design and comes in two choices – the Aqualink RS PDA or the Aqualink RS One Touch.
The PDA standing for Pool Digital Assistant is a hand held wireless remote control unit that can control up to eight different functions and it is waterproof and floats.  It is designed specifically to be easily held  even when wet  with a large clear, backlit display and offers an easy to use interface.
The One Touch unit is an indoor control panel that is of modern design that can be mounted on wall or bench top.  Up to 32 funtions can be controlled from inside at the touch of a button and again this version of the Aqualink is simple to use.
The Jandy Aqualink gives you the proud pool owner more time to relax and enjoy the pool and surroundings.  It is the ultimate in pool control technology and will make the pool and its surroundings an even more enjoyable place to relax and unwind.  The pool, spa and features simply are not complete and joined as one without the Jandy Aqualink RS.
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