Lo-Chlor stain solutions

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LoChlor Solutions Don’t allow stains to build up on pool surfaces. Lo-Chlor Chemicals offers the perfect solutions for pool stain removal. By applying Lo-Chlor stain removing products, all types of surface stain and build up can be removed and even prevented from forming again soon after. Whether it is a dirty brown iron based stain or calcium scale build up, Lo-Chlor Chemicals has the right product to tackle these common pool surface ailments and more.
Try Lo-Chlor Citra Clean as an effective and environmentally friendly method for removing the aesthetic gross brown pool stains caused by iron that is present in the pool water. Lo-Chlor Citra Clean, made from a citric acid compound and acting fast, will remove these ghastly stains on all pool surfaces, even fiberglass! And when free shipping is available on purchase of the product, why not give it a go. Lo-Chlor Citra Clean comes in 1kg containers.
For the reduction of scale build up give Lo-Chlor Scale Eliminator a go. As the name suggests, Lo-chlor Scale Eliminator removes scale deposits from the pool surface and if used regularly will keep further scale build up at bay. Lo-Chlor Scale Eliminator will also halt scale from gathering on salt cells and improves chlorination. Lo-Chlor Scale Eliminator is available in 5lt bottles and also has free shipping available.
Scale build up is a harsh reality when owning a pool. Lo-Chlor Nail the Scale is another product available to effectively remove calcium scale deposits. Nail the Scale can be applied directly onto the affected area or spread around the pool. Its special formula of organic acids and synthetic agents attacks the scale deposits until gone. Highly effective and available in 2kg containers, Lo-Chlor Nail the Scale can take up to six weeks fighting the scale deposits.
Since different metals can be dissolved in pool water, many other nasty stains can be formed. By using Lo-Chlor Metal Solution regularly – an ideal stain remover where the metals are isolated and filtered out – the pool will be kept free of new stains and the old stains reduced. Lo-Chlor Metal Solution therefore is fantastic for new pools and will even help soften scale deposits. Lo-Chlor Metal Solution comes in 1lt bottles and once again free shipping is offered.
Lo-Chlor chemical products are the way to go for removing stains and deposits on the pool floor and walls and are proven Australian made products. When the pool is new or old with existing stains, try Lo-Chlor Chemicals to subdue and eliminate stains.

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