Lo-Chlor Winterpack

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Lo-Chlor Winterpack

Keep your pool clean and clear for Winter.
By using the Lo-Chlor Winterpack in your swimming pool you will help to reduce the amount of chlorine needed, as well as keeping your swimming pool in pristine condition for the following swimming season.
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Extra strength long life formulation designed for winterising a pool when closing down at the end of the season. Compatible with all recognised sanitisers and is also great with salt chlorinators.

Excellent winteriser


Bottle Size: 1 lt

Formulation details: Organo copper complex 40gm/litre

  • Eradication and prevention of algae (blue-green , black and mustard varieties).
  • One dose last the whole winter.
  • Effective over a wide pH range.
  • Significant clarifying effect.
  • Compatible with all pool chemical treatments.
  • Excellent booster for salt water chlorinators.
  • Initial Dose: 500ml per 60,000 litres.
  1. For best results clean and backwash prior to use.
  2. A fortnightly dose of sanitiser is recommended. This will keep the pool free of staining from vegetation (leaves, etc).
  3. Unlike other copper algaecides, Lo-Chlor Winteriser Algaecide utilises a low dose organo copper complex which imparts a copper concentration of 0.34 parts per million to the pool water (considerably lower than comparable products).

Starver is a unique, liquid phosphate remover specially formulated for use with all filters.

Bottle size: 1 Litre

Formulation details: 170g/L Lanthanum Salts

  • Will remove phosphate, the main food for algae, from the water.
  • Allows other chemicals to work far more effectively.
  • Will give a pool sparkling clear water as a result of the removal of unwanted phosphates.
  • Extra strength formulation.
  • Guaranteed not to clog your filter.
  • Specifically designed to offer maximum efficiency when used with filters.
  • May be used in all types of pool finishes.
  • Effective over a wide pH range.
  • Add 500mls Starver per 50,000 Litres (for phosphate levels 0.2-1.0 ppm).
  • For levels greater than 1ppm, add 1 Litre Starver per 50,000 Litres.
  1. Measure the phosphate level prior to use (free phosphate test kits available to pool professionals).
  2. Check phosphate level on a regular basis (make it a standard part of your regular water testing system).
  3. Use in conjunction with an algaecide for really bad algae growth.
  4. After algae have been removed always advise customers to follow up with regular dosing of a long life algaecide and starver to prevent re-occurrence of algae and assist other chemicals to work more effectively.

The unique clarifier in a cube

No heavy metals

No messy residue

Lasts 30 days

Minimal health and safety issues


Package size: 35gm.

Formulation details: Polymer

  • The product is an excellent water clarifier and suitable for use in all pools and spas.The product is hot water stable. It can be used with ANY type of filtration system (cartridge, DE or sand). This is a unique feature.
  • Miraclear removes dissolved metals (iron, copper, manganese).
  • Miraclear works by grouping together microscopic particles that normally pass through the filtration system.
  • Miraclear can be used with all known pool and spa treatments.
  • The product is non-toxic and fully bio-degradable. The components have been FDA approved for use in drinking water.
  • Miraclear 35gm (green) treats 60,000 litres water for 30 days.
  1. For best results place Miraclear in the pump basket or skimmer basket.
  2. Very large pools – use Miraclear jumbo. Place in pump basket or surge tank.
  3. Note that Miraclear dissolves within 24 hours of pump time. Water remains sparkling clear for 30 days.
  4. Should Miraclear contact pool deck or surrounds, clean immediately as it will become slippery.
  5. Benefits over Alum based clarifiers.

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