LoChlor Starver-X The Aglae Nutrient Eliminator For Your Pool

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LoChlor-Starver-XLoChor Chemicals pioneered Phosphate Removal in Australia in the late 1990’s and changed the way we treat algae in our pools.

Commercialisation of the product now simply called Starver commenced with the signing by LoChlor of a license agreement in 1994. Production started there after.

Since then LoChlor Chemical has remained the market leader and prime inivator in this segment of the market. Along with their other pool care products such as; Lo-Chlor Algaecide, Lo-Chlor MiraClear. you have a total pool treatment program to help reduce your corrosive pool care needs.

LoChlor Starver is now sold in more than 50 countries and its penetration into the swimming pool care and maintenance has seen it becomeĀ  a staple in the reduction of algae in the swimming pool market place.

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