Non chlorine sanitisers – the right way to spa cleanliness

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Non-Chlorine based sanitisersThe spa is a place for absolute comfort and enjoyment, a place where one goes to relax and relieve tension. If free of high chlorine dosage, wouldn’t the spa be all the more relaxing?

Of course it would!  So forget harsh chlorinated treatments for the spa.  With such a fantastic range of highly effective non-chlorinated purifiers and sanitisers available, it makes perfect sense to keep the spa water clean by using no more than the minimal chlorine dosage or even no chlorine at all.  Using items such as Ozone generators, Zodiac Nature2 or Lo-Chlor Aquaspa sanitisers, the spa water will be kept clean without the irritating and foul smelling nastiness of too much chlorine.

Ozone is one of the most powerful sanitisers to be found and is a natural method of water purification which leaves no foul residue.  Ozone is a completely safe sanitiser, and it is a method that has been used for a long period of time to purify water.  Ozone generators are easily used.   Pumping dissolved ozone into the water, the ozone being a natural form of oxygen joins with any organic matter and destroys it before it can form into harmful bacteria.

Take a good look at Zodiac Nature2 spa purifier.  The spa or swim spa will never be as clean after using this fabulous water purifier, and lengthy sessions in the spa can be taken again and again, assured that the spa is kept clean.   Zodiac Nature2 fits easily into the spa cartridge filter and does away with major chlorine and bromine dosages.  Zodiac Nature2 releases traces of copper and silver that dissolve into the water which work with a minimal amount of chlorine killing any harmful pathogens that might want to take residence in the spa.

By applying Lo-Chlor Aquaspa solution to the spa, the water will be kept clean, preventing any harmful agents from forming.  Lo-Chlor Aquaspa is totally a non chlorine sanitiser and is also free of bromine, therefore doing away with any bad smell and other irritating side effects common with chlorine based cleaners.  Lo-Chlor Aquaspa is simple to use and it is a very economical method for sanitising the spa.

It makes total sense to sanitise the spa using non-chlorinated products, and with plenty of choices available there is no reason why not to limit chlorine usage.  The alternatives are safer and healthier than chlorine based products and are cost effective.  For peace of mind and a clean spa without the usual side effects be sure to check out Ozone generators, the Zodiac Nature2 Purifier and Lo-Chlor Aquaspa sanitising agents.  Affordable and effective, non-chlorine sanitisers are surely the way to go!



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