Davey PoolSweepa Optima, Better Cleaning, Better Savings!

Epools.com.au Davey  PoolSweepa Optima
The Davey PoolSweepa Optima is the latest top end robotic swimming pool cleaner from Australias’ most trusted pool equipment manufacturer and supplier Davey Water Products. From what was an “over the top” expensive professional pool cleaner from several years ago. The reduction in costs, and the uptake and supply to the domestic swimming pool market. Makes the Davey PoolSweepa Optima a great alternative to those people who care about their pool!
Traditionally the better pool cleaners where systems which had their own external pressure pump and all the plumbing that went along with them, and not to forget the ugly plumbing and sometimes dangerous fittings that protruded into the swimming pool. The Polaris and JetVac, although good cleaners, where examples of this older and less compact style of swimming pool cleaning system. Once the Davey PoolSweepa Optima has done its job and been removed from the swimming pool, there is nothing protruding into the pool to interfere with you enjoying your pool experience.
The PoolSweepa Optima is a top of the range cleaner in terms of pool size, cleaning capability and energy savings. Optima is suited for larger domestic and lower end commercial pools up to 15 metres in length.
The environmentally friendly cleaning process of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima means you will require less chemicals to maintain an accurate water balance and water clarity. PoolSweepa Optima scrubs, brushes, vacuums and coarsely filters the swimming pool water to help prevent germination of algae and bacteria. Also one of the under-appreciated but highly desired aspects of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima is its ability to scrub the waterline of the pool, this will eliminate that ugly scum line around the top edge of the swimming pool water line.
Dual Drive a feature of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima allows for a far smoother and manoeuvrable drive system to be employed. So the tighter corners and variable surfaces of a lot of swimming pools is no longer a problem with the PoolSweepa Optima.
The Davey PoolSweepa Optima comes with the choice of wither a course debris bag (standard) or the addon option of a finer bag. The course bag is recommended for most installations as higher dust levels in Australia may clog the finer bag quickly reducing its performance.
Davey Water Products offer a 3-year parts warranty, so you know your PoolSweepa Optima will be supported by one of Australias’ most trusted swimming pool equipment companies!
The Davey PoolSweepa Optima when compared to its competition such as Pandoora, K-Bot, Zodiac V3, Dolphin robotic cleaners, the PoolSweepa Optima will leave them in its wake! So enjoy the benefits of the Davey Water Products PoolSweepa Optima in your concrete or fibreglass swimming pool.

MagnaPool Swimming Pool Mineral Salts

The Next Generation of Swimming Pool Salt Treatment is here!

MagnaPool Swimming Pool Mineral Salts

MagnaPool Mineral Pool Treatment. MagnaPool is a new generation treatment that has the sumptuous advantage that until now has only been experienced at the most exclusive mineral spas. Once used it will leave your skin and hair feel in relaxed and conditioned. Forget the old days of wrinkly skin and dried out hair!

MagnaPool minerals compliments your traditional salt in your pool. It works with the sodium chloride (common salt) which produces a chlorine gas to keep your pool sanitized. One of the key components to MagnaPool is that it will work with most swimming pool salt chlorinators, click here to contact us for more information, also the electrolysis procedure produces Milk of Magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) that will rejuvenate and relax your tired muscles.

The MagnaPool minerals system requires the use within your swimming pool media filter the use of, and utilizing the advantages of, Zodiac Glass Crystallite Filtration Fine Media in water filtration and potential water savings.

  • Health and Wellbeing:
    • The magnesium naturally detoxes and balances your body and can help to relieve stress and anxiety and aches and pains.
  • Science:
    • The natural blend of magnesium and potassium is a healthier alternative to traditional pools.
  • Environment:
    • Eliminates harsh chemicals MagnaPool diluted backwash water can be used to water your garden, or use as grey water around your home.

MagnaPool Water Test Parameters

MagnaPool incorporates two key mineral elements Potassium and Magnesium (both as chlorides). Both will contribute to TDS and may interfere with determining Calcium Hardness (CH) with some readers.

All general parameters remain the same according to the Langlier index for water chemistry and Australian Standards such as chlorine levels, pH level, Total Alk, metals etc. Some unique factors to MagnaPool will be the salinity reading, TDS and we recommend a pH of 7.5.

Just Pools and Spa, 200 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen maintains a computerized water testing solution which is available to our members to help maintain pool clarity and save on chemicals from unnecessary dosages.

So if you’re a pool enthusiast who is after the ultimate luxurious experience in the use of your swimming pool. Then MagnaPool A better way of lifeminerals in your pool is a solution for you!

Justpools and epools.com.au SPASA Membership 2014

Justpools and Epools Certificate
Just Pools and Spas Pty Ltd trading as epools.com.au have renewed their membership with SPASA (Swimming Pools and Spa Association) Victoria.

What does this mean for you? Justpools as a SPASA member has the support of an industry body to help ensure that we are a company which is able to trade  in a professional and knowledgeable manner.

Epools.com.au as a part of Just Pools and Spas also is able to maintain a level which is concurrent to Just Pools and Spas to help resolve swimming pool problems, and help consumers to maintain their pools in a more efficient manner.

SPASA is an industry body which helps to communicate and train amongst swimming pool builders in swimming pool and spa construction, both inground and above ground pools. Swimming pool equipment manufacturers also maintain memberships with the state SPASA orginizations to make sure that their equipment such as pumps, filters and chlorinators and other accessory items are understood better in the industry.

So check with your other shops to see if they have industry recognition, and are able to deal with the various issues with you.

Our SPASA details are:

  • Identity: Just Pools & Spas Pty Ltd
  • Trading as: Just Pools & Spas
  • Category: Pool Shop
  • Valid until: 31 Dec 2014


Click here to see full sized certificate image.


Improve Your Life With Glass Swimming Pool Filter Media

Zodiac Glass Media

Glass Media is the newest generation of sand replacement materials for swimming pools sand filters.

Traditionally in the past the sand filter (now commonly referred to as Media Filter) for the swimming pool has used a Kiln Dried Sand. Now with increased performance requirements for a cleaner pool, and the addition of newer pool water treatments such as Magnesium Salts which can only be used in a pool which uses the Glass Medias’ for filtration.

Glass Pool Filter Media is a 2 part filter media which consists of a course glass bead to be put in the bottom of the filter, this forms 25% to 30% of the total bead weight. The fine glass bead is put on top of this and makes the basis for the filtration of the swimming pool filter.

Glass Filter Crystals – Media Ratio
Code Crystals 21″ 25″ 28″ 32″ 36″
WF000001 FINE 3 5 8 13 17
WF000002 COURSE 1 2 3 5 6
Total Bags 4 7 11 18 23


Manufactured from  a cleansed glass pearl material, the glass pearls are a new generation of swimming pool filter media providing superior water clarity  Its spherical shape results in a reduced adhesion of particulate matter, reducing backwashing requirements. This results in easier and quicker backwashing cycles of the swimming pool filter resulting is a lower usage of water and time savings.

Sparkling Water

With a small size of only 0.6mm to 0.8mm. Its small particle size allows for a finer filter and makes for less frequent backwashing of the media filter. Swimming pool sand and media filters running correctly can filter down to particle sizes less than 5 microns.

Water Savings

As mentioned the glass beads are smooth in shape and results in a low amount of friction. This reduces pool filter backwash requirements. When used properly the glass media swimming pool filters may save up to 20% of water usage requirements for backwash cycles.

Save Water

Glass Media is manufactured from glass and as a result is chemically inert. Tests of many glass media types have found them to filter to a level suitable for Australian Drinking Water Standards.

As a result of these types of technical advantages making their way into the swimming pool industry, you the swimming pool owner is able to take advantage of the various saving which the use of these types of advances allow for your swimming pool and the equipment related to it.

So if you wish to have a pool that is able to have that final sparkle, consider the use of Swimming Pool Glass Filter Media. Its inert properties, fine particle filtration and longevity of life in the pool make for a, in term long term, very cost effective solution for the filtration of your swimming pool.

Are you getting value for money when you purchase your Sand Filter?

Media Filters Now a basic point to remember: All the current ranges of filter carry a 10-year tank and 2-year Multi Port Valve warranty!

So is there that much difference between them based on that?

Yes, to a degree! The MPV (multi port valve) carries a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. While some people talk about place of manufacture. Out in the field they all operate to a similar performance. They are a wearing part with gaskets, and occasionally you will break a handle. This is a fact with these items. But this should happen in the first half dozen years of service. Actually the Zodiac filters have a very positive feel about them. But all main stream manufacturers of filters make a good valve.

The tanks are the main area of difference. Davey has a “T” lateral which does offer some amount of performance improvement with cleaning of the sand in backwash procedures. But no apparent difference in filtration.

The tanks are all thermoplastic. But the better media filter tanks are fibreglass wound. What this means when the sand filter is working to maximum performance the burst strength is better due to the reinforcing fibreglass wrapping. Generally a lot of problems are caused by the miss-matching of the sand/media filter to the pump.

As a rule of thumb a:

  • 21” filter requires a 0.75hp pump.
  • 25” filter requires a 1hp pump.
  • 28” filter requires a 1.5hp pump.

A lot of people also think that the cloudiness in the pool is due to the inability of the pool filter to clear debris out of the water. There are many reasons for this cloudiness in the pool. These reasons can include; old filter sand in the filter, lack of back washing, even high pH may cause some milkiness in the water. One other reason is the ability of filter sand to filter to a fine enough level.

Bags of Sand Filter Sand is the oldest and cheapest way to use a sand filter is with kiln dried graded filter sand, but recently there are 2 real alternatives to filter sand, being Zeolite and Glass Media. Filter sand is based on river sands and is a material that will degrade over a shorter amount of time. The main reason for usage of this material now is simply based on cost.


Bags of ZelbriteZeolite is a volcanic particle which is very random in shape, and due to this will filter to about the 5 micron level. When compared to sand at 15 micron, Zeolite will filter the finer debris such as dust and pollens from the water. While it is roughly twice the price, it will last 10 years in a domestic pool compared to 3 to 5 years for filter sand.

Zodiac Galss Media
Glass Media
is the more expensive option. It will filter equally as fine as the Zeolite, but its main advantages are a life expectancy of the life of the media filter. Due to glass being inert it also allows you to use Magnesium Salts in the water which a lot of people like due to the softness in feel of your skin after swimming in the pool.

The main point for this article is that a good, properly matched pump combination with the newer filter medias in them will save you money in maintenance and make your swimming more pleasurable. Below is a list of Sand or Media Filters we commonly sell. Just remember the filter and the pump work together as a matching unit.

Davey Products to Zodiac Australia Price Comparison
Dealer requirements from Davey state that we are not allowed to be transparent in our pricing to you with their Davey Products range.
Sand or Media Filter
diametre in inches
21 inch
greater than $490.00
25 inch 40mm valve
greater than $576.00
25 inch 50mm valve
28 inch
greater than $760.00
32 inch
greater than $1000.00
36 inch
greater than $1299.00
Products are comparable fibreglass wound filters. Freight to either may need to be added

Summer and the Self Cleaning Salt Cell

As a pool owner you know that every Summer Swim Season your chlorine requirements for the pool escalate out of sight!

If your a pool owner with a Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator, then you will know that you have to turn up the filtration time of the pump and filter, but also turn up the output of the salt chlorinator. One thing that most people do not seam to realise is that a Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator still should have the cell manually cleaned coming into the Summer Season. Why?

The reason for this is that a self cleaning chlorinator commonly is a Reverse Polarity style of salt chlorinator. This means that periodically the + and – terminals will swap over. And as Calcium is attracted ionically to one of these polarities. When the polarities swap, it has the effect of two like ends of a magnet repelling each other. This works fine for Calcium but…

If you have debris that adheres to the cell then reverse polarity has no effect. This could be things such as debris flowing into the cell and getting lodged between the plates, or gum resins sticking there as well. So in an effort to clean the cell a manual clean is required to bring the cell back to optimum performance for the Summer Swimming Season.

A dedicated cell cleaner such as Lo-Chlor Clean Cell Plus or Zodiac Salt Cell Cleaner will clean the cell with a minimum of damage to the cell. Or, as the older method goes. Use one part pool acid to 10 parts water. Always slowly adding acid to the water, not vise-versa, in a bucket. Then letting it soak for 15 mins. This will normally be enough time for the cells to clean.

This should help keep the Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator at peak performance for the Summer. Also It is important to have the Salt Level in the pool at the correct level. Not too high and not too low!

Happy Swimming


Tips on buying from the right stores online.

You are online reading this article, you are aware that ecommerce, the buying of goods and products, is one task you are able to perform on the internet. In the last 10 years in particular the buying of products online has exploded. The question still remains though. How am I sure that I am buying a genuine product from a reputable dealer?

This question is one that by following a few simple procedures can feel safe with their purchasing endeavours. By following a few steps, you will minimise your problems.

Too good to be true!? This is a common selling point unauthorised merchants may be able to sell at. Particularly overseas merchants, and a few local ones may sell generic, shop soiled or second hands goods as new in box items. As the proverb goes; If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, it normally is! So if it isn’t explicitly stated don’t hesitate to contact the merchant as they will have no issue in giving you a yes or no answer to this.

Authorised agent for that manufacturer/supplier. All suppliers such as Zodiac and Davey have dealer networks throughout Australia. On their websites you should be able to search for them, or failing that simply give their customer service lines a call to verify the authenticity of the site you are wishing to buy through. As with Epools (a business name held by Just Pools and Spas Pty Ltd), our contact details, map and ABN are clearly shown on our “Contact Us” page. We at least are transparent in this, and any reputable organisation should be able to show similar transparency.

Grey Imports. It has become more accessible for merchants to bring in genuine items using grey import systems. So while you are getting a genuine item. In most cases you will be wearing the warranty for that product. As the manufacturer will redirect you back to the country where the product was sourced from. Also from a safety aspect. If you buy something that requires Australian Safety Standards and you don’t have it. The implications of this to life and possible damages could be herific! So take care.

Proper warranty procedures. As mentioned Grey Imports often void any warranty backup. But if you are going through authorised dealer networks, they will be able to directly help with your issue. Remember though as with most things you buy from a shop; it is up to you to get it back to the shop you bought it from. So as a result most methods require you to send the item back and also a self addressed return bag. A letter saying what has happened and any contact made will also help.

Secure checkouts. Another part of the website that unscrupulous sites may lack is a secure checkout procedure. If you don’t see a blue or green bar in the URL bar (you should see https://… , not http:// note the ‘s’ for secure) this means the information you transmit is NOT open to the internet and secure! PayPal is a good mechanism to pay without exposing credit card information if you’re not sure.

Trackable delivery options. As 99% of items sent in the pool industry are too large for a standard envelope, and cost a fair bit as well. The parcel will have some sort of tracking with it, this may only be the last mail distro center the parcel was logged at. At least with this you will see some progress. Australia is a large place so items may take upto 14 days in the summer season. If however you believe your parcel to have gone missing, you and your merchant will need to follow the lost goods procedures for whichever courier they are using before an item can be counted as lost.

To wrap up. There, in this international ecommerce environment, many opportunities for un-reputable characters to exist. But by following some simple rules and procedures you will be able to minimise your exposure to them and possibly not loose any of your hard earned money to them. If they are a new store for you, check the Contact Us page to see how transparent they are in you being able to get hold of them!

This is by no means a definitive article. But we hope it helps in prompting you to ask some questions that may save hassles further down the track.

Spa and Hot Tub Vinyl Hard Covers

Spa and Hot Tub Vinyl Hard CoversUsing a foam filled vinyl cover will give your pool the benefits of lower energy usage and also lower chemicals to maintain your pool. This will save you DOLLARS!

The 5cm thickness of dense foam will hold in the heat and decrease the evaporation you may experience with your spa or hot tub. As a result you will also notice reduced water loss and cleaner water for filtration as you have separated your spa and hot tub water from the surrounding environment.

Made from marine grade vinyls, high density foam and heavy construction methods, properly treated you will have years of trouble free service from your investment in one of these covers. There are seven colours for you to choose from: Beige, Burgundy, Charcoal, Green, Light Grey, Navy and Tan.

Our covers also come with a 2 year back to manufacturer warranty to give you piece of mind!

For more information go to our main website at: http://epools.com.au/spa-pool-covers-vinyl-hard-spa-covers.html