Are you getting value for money when you purchase your Sand Filter?

Media Filters Now a basic point to remember: All the current ranges of filter carry a 10-year tank and 2-year Multi Port Valve warranty!

So is there that much difference between them based on that?

Yes, to a degree! The MPV (multi port valve) carries a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. While some people talk about place of manufacture. Out in the field they all operate to a similar performance. They are a wearing part with gaskets, and occasionally you will break a handle. This is a fact with these items. But this should happen in the first half dozen years of service. Actually the Zodiac filters have a very positive feel about them. But all main stream manufacturers of filters make a good valve.

The tanks are the main area of difference. Davey has a “T” lateral which does offer some amount of performance improvement with cleaning of the sand in backwash procedures. But no apparent difference in filtration.

The tanks are all thermoplastic. But the better media filter tanks are fibreglass wound. What this means when the sand filter is working to maximum performance the burst strength is better due to the reinforcing fibreglass wrapping. Generally a lot of problems are caused by the miss-matching of the sand/media filter to the pump.

As a rule of thumb a:

  • 21” filter requires a 0.75hp pump.
  • 25” filter requires a 1hp pump.
  • 28” filter requires a 1.5hp pump.

A lot of people also think that the cloudiness in the pool is due to the inability of the pool filter to clear debris out of the water. There are many reasons for this cloudiness in the pool. These reasons can include; old filter sand in the filter, lack of back washing, even high pH may cause some milkiness in the water. One other reason is the ability of filter sand to filter to a fine enough level.

Bags of Sand Filter Sand is the oldest and cheapest way to use a sand filter is with kiln dried graded filter sand, but recently there are 2 real alternatives to filter sand, being Zeolite and Glass Media. Filter sand is based on river sands and is a material that will degrade over a shorter amount of time. The main reason for usage of this material now is simply based on cost.


Bags of ZelbriteZeolite is a volcanic particle which is very random in shape, and due to this will filter to about the 5 micron level. When compared to sand at 15 micron, Zeolite will filter the finer debris such as dust and pollens from the water. While it is roughly twice the price, it will last 10 years in a domestic pool compared to 3 to 5 years for filter sand.

Zodiac Galss Media
Glass Media
is the more expensive option. It will filter equally as fine as the Zeolite, but its main advantages are a life expectancy of the life of the media filter. Due to glass being inert it also allows you to use Magnesium Salts in the water which a lot of people like due to the softness in feel of your skin after swimming in the pool.

The main point for this article is that a good, properly matched pump combination with the newer filter medias in them will save you money in maintenance and make your swimming more pleasurable. Below is a list of Sand or Media Filters we commonly sell. Just remember the filter and the pump work together as a matching unit.

Davey Products to Zodiac Australia Price Comparison
Dealer requirements from Davey state that we are not allowed to be transparent in our pricing to you with their Davey Products range.
Sand or Media Filter
diametre in inches
21 inch
greater than $490.00
25 inch 40mm valve
greater than $576.00
25 inch 50mm valve
28 inch
greater than $760.00
32 inch
greater than $1000.00
36 inch
greater than $1299.00
Products are comparable fibreglass wound filters. Freight to either may need to be added

Summer and the Self Cleaning Salt Cell

As a pool owner you know that every Summer Swim Season your chlorine requirements for the pool escalate out of sight!

If your a pool owner with a Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator, then you will know that you have to turn up the filtration time of the pump and filter, but also turn up the output of the salt chlorinator. One thing that most people do not seam to realise is that a Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator still should have the cell manually cleaned coming into the Summer Season. Why?

The reason for this is that a self cleaning chlorinator commonly is a Reverse Polarity style of salt chlorinator. This means that periodically the + and – terminals will swap over. And as Calcium is attracted ionically to one of these polarities. When the polarities swap, it has the effect of two like ends of a magnet repelling each other. This works fine for Calcium but…

If you have debris that adheres to the cell then reverse polarity has no effect. This could be things such as debris flowing into the cell and getting lodged between the plates, or gum resins sticking there as well. So in an effort to clean the cell a manual clean is required to bring the cell back to optimum performance for the Summer Swimming Season.

A dedicated cell cleaner such as Lo-Chlor Clean Cell Plus or Zodiac Salt Cell Cleaner will clean the cell with a minimum of damage to the cell. Or, as the older method goes. Use one part pool acid to 10 parts water. Always slowly adding acid to the water, not vise-versa, in a bucket. Then letting it soak for 15 mins. This will normally be enough time for the cells to clean.

This should help keep the Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator at peak performance for the Summer. Also It is important to have the Salt Level in the pool at the correct level. Not too high and not too low!

Happy Swimming

Tips on buying from the right stores online.

You are online reading this article, you are aware that ecommerce, the buying of goods and products, is one task you are able to perform on the internet. In the last 10 years in particular the buying of products online has exploded. The question still remains though. How am I sure that I am buying a genuine product from a reputable dealer?

This question is one that by following a few simple procedures can feel safe with their purchasing endeavours. By following a few steps, you will minimise your problems.

Too good to be true!? This is a common selling point unauthorised merchants may be able to sell at. Particularly overseas merchants, and a few local ones may sell generic, shop soiled or second hands goods as new in box items. As the proverb goes; If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, it normally is! So if it isn’t explicitly stated don’t hesitate to contact the merchant as they will have no issue in giving you a yes or no answer to this.

Authorised agent for that manufacturer/supplier. All suppliers such as Zodiac and Davey have dealer networks throughout Australia. On their websites you should be able to search for them, or failing that simply give their customer service lines a call to verify the authenticity of the site you are wishing to buy through. As with Epools (a business name held by Just Pools and Spas Pty Ltd), our contact details, map and ABN are clearly shown on our “Contact Us” page. We at least are transparent in this, and any reputable organisation should be able to show similar transparency.

Grey Imports. It has become more accessible for merchants to bring in genuine items using grey import systems. So while you are getting a genuine item. In most cases you will be wearing the warranty for that product. As the manufacturer will redirect you back to the country where the product was sourced from. Also from a safety aspect. If you buy something that requires Australian Safety Standards and you don’t have it. The implications of this to life and possible damages could be herific! So take care.

Proper warranty procedures. As mentioned Grey Imports often void any warranty backup. But if you are going through authorised dealer networks, they will be able to directly help with your issue. Remember though as with most things you buy from a shop; it is up to you to get it back to the shop you bought it from. So as a result most methods require you to send the item back and also a self addressed return bag. A letter saying what has happened and any contact made will also help.

Secure checkouts. Another part of the website that unscrupulous sites may lack is a secure checkout procedure. If you don’t see a blue or green bar in the URL bar (you should see https://… , not http:// note the ‘s’ for secure) this means the information you transmit is NOT open to the internet and secure! PayPal is a good mechanism to pay without exposing credit card information if you’re not sure.

Trackable delivery options. As 99% of items sent in the pool industry are too large for a standard envelope, and cost a fair bit as well. The parcel will have some sort of tracking with it, this may only be the last mail distro center the parcel was logged at. At least with this you will see some progress. Australia is a large place so items may take upto 14 days in the summer season. If however you believe your parcel to have gone missing, you and your merchant will need to follow the lost goods procedures for whichever courier they are using before an item can be counted as lost.

To wrap up. There, in this international ecommerce environment, many opportunities for un-reputable characters to exist. But by following some simple rules and procedures you will be able to minimise your exposure to them and possibly not loose any of your hard earned money to them. If they are a new store for you, check the Contact Us page to see how transparent they are in you being able to get hold of them!

This is by no means a definitive article. But we hope it helps in prompting you to ask some questions that may save hassles further down the track.

Spa and Hot Tub Vinyl Hard Covers

Spa and Hot Tub Vinyl Hard CoversUsing a foam filled vinyl cover will give your pool the benefits of lower energy usage and also lower chemicals to maintain your pool. This will save you DOLLARS!

The 5cm thickness of dense foam will hold in the heat and decrease the evaporation you may experience with your spa or hot tub. As a result you will also notice reduced water loss and cleaner water for filtration as you have separated your spa and hot tub water from the surrounding environment.

Made from marine grade vinyls, high density foam and heavy construction methods, properly treated you will have years of trouble free service from your investment in one of these covers. There are seven colours for you to choose from: Beige, Burgundy, Charcoal, Green, Light Grey, Navy and Tan.

Our covers also come with a 2 year back to manufacturer warranty to give you piece of mind!

For more information go to our main website at:

The Zodiac Ei-25 & Nature2 Combo Limited Offer

Zodiac Ei and Nature2 ComboEpools are proud to give you the opportunity to participate in this limited time offer of a Zodiac Ei-25 and Nature2 Combo offer. This offer will enable you, or your home handyman DIY person to easily install a Zodiac Ei-25 Salt Water Chlorinator and a Nature2 water treatment system.

You, the pools owner, will benefit from the application of this combination of Salt Chlorinator and the Nature2 mineral based water purification system with Lower Running Costs of your swimming pool.

The Zodiac Ei-25 is a DIY dream to install which can give you a fully operational Self Cleaning salt water chlorination system. This system is easily installed and setup into most plumbing setups on the Return to Pool line. This will avoid the need for you to use those harsh chlorines and save your cloths when it spills onto them. This chlorinator also has the feature of an automatic timer for you to start and stop your filtration system.

To watch Epools YouTube video of the Ei Salt Chlorinator please click here.

Nature2 mineral based water treatment system is a cartridge placed inline that is able to dispense Nature2’s exclusive water treatment chemicals into your pool. This increases the effectiveness of the chlorine by use of its bacterialcide and algaecide properties. Gives your pool clarity and safety during those hot summer months!

What you get in this special Combo Offer:

  • Zodiac Ei-25 Salt Chlorinator
  • Nature2 Water Treatment System

The benefits you get are:

  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Self cleaning salt water chlorinator.
  • Automatic timer facility to start and stop your filtration system.
  • Reduced chemical sanitizer costs.
  • Algae and Bacterial control.
  • Ease of use in the peak swimming seasons.
  • Reduced chlorine needs
  • Cost affectivity.

Click here to view our limited time Combo Pack Offer.

We look for to seeing you on our site!

The Davey Frill-Neck Wizard – Wizardry in Motion

Epools Davey Frill Neck WizardAnd ‘hey presto’ the pool is clean!
If you like keeping the pool clean and inviting and are looking for a cleaner that does a wonderful job then consider using the Davey Frill-Neck Wizard automatic cleaner for your pool. Davey’s reputation alone should sway you in your decision, but if it is an affordable and efficient cleaner that you are after, a cleaner that leaves the pool in the superb condition and practically urges you to jump in with a big splash, then the Frill-Neck Wizard is the cleaner you want – somehow it cleans the pool as if by magic.
Even if the pool pump you are running is small, it doesn’t matter, the Frill-Neck Wizard only requires low flow rates to run whilst not missing a beat as it relentlessly attacks the debris that has annoyingly found its way into the pool. In fact, one wizardry stroke is that it requires only 60 litres per minute to run and effectively clean the pool beyond belief.
Don’t be afraid of the Frill-Neck making too much noise either. By using a super-quiet piston propulsion system and using no diaphragms the Wizard will operate whisper quiet as though controlled as if by magic. After all, Davey didn’t name it the Wizard for nothing.
With only one moving part, and made from UV stabilized and chemical resistant materials the Frill-Neck Wizard is designed to last and last, giving you years to enjoy the cleanliest of pools without you doing any of the hard work. The hard work is made to look easy while under control of the Frill-Neck Wizard. Even maintenance of the system itself is quick and easy, as is setting the Wizard up and operating.
If the pool is above ground, inground, concrete or fiberglass it doesn’t matter. The Frill-Neck Wizard will work with almost all surface finishes, leaving whichever pool better off after its experience with the Frill-Neck Wizard.
This awesome cleaner comes with a flow meter tester which will allow it to work in perfect symmetry with the pump and also comes with 12 quality tested hose sections with oh so easy push-fit connections.
When it comes to pool products Davey are leaders of the pack. And when they release a new cleaner you can be sure it will be of the best make and standard. As is , of course, the Davey Frill-Neck Wizard. It is pure wizardry for your pool.

Aquasphere Auto Cleaner Hoses

Aquasphere Cleaner HosesThe Aquasphere automatic pool cleaner hose is a hose brought to you from Zodiac Australia the people who also have given you the world famous Baracuda range of pool cleaners! As a result you know you are able to trust the quality of this product.

The 1 metre lengths of hose are suitable for most pool cleaners including the Baracuda range of cleaners including the G2, Pacer, Zoom, Best Above Ground, G4 and Classic ranges of cleaners amongst others. They will fit any cleaner in the Baracuda range that does not have the bayonet fittings on the hose ends. Also these hoses are compatable with many other manufacturers of cleaner, some requiring little or no modifications to make it fit.

So if your after replacement hose lengths look at the Aquasphere automatic pool cleaner hose these hoses are only available while stock lasts.

Save with the PowerMaster Eco

Davey Powermaster EcoIn today’s current climate, referring to not just the awesome summer swimming weather but also the state of the environment and its ecology, it makes sense to be as eco-friendly as possible with your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance.  Many pool pumps on the market can help keep the pool clean.  Sure.  The problem is that they can also expend great amounts of energy in doing so.  But not the Davey PowerMaster Eco Pump.  No way!  This little beauty of a pump will keep the pool in sparkling condition and all the while will be super efficient with its energy usage.
In fact, the Davey PowerMaster Eco Pump comes with an energy efficiency rating of 8 stars.  That’s right, 8 stars.  It has great backing behind it, and just the fact that it is another brilliant product in the Davey series, suggests that it is the pool pump worth having to be at the helm, in defence of your pool’s cleanliness.
Running the Davey PowerMaster Eco is a 3 speed motor for efficient and smart use all year round.  By using the ECO flow for water turnover and filtration, the MID flow for all automatic pool cleaners and the HIGH flow for all other tasks that might need a little bit more water pumping oomph, your pool is sure to be the cleanest and most well looked after.
Think also of the savings to be gained by using and extremely cost effective PowerMaster Eco.  Delivering incredibly low emissions the super energy efficient pool pump that is the PowerMaster Eco uses up to 70% less energy than the traditional single speed pumps on the market.  Saving that kind of power demands the Davey Powermaster Eco to be seriously looked at.
The PowerMaster Eco is a quiet operator and having low noise emissions allows you to use the pump at night without disturbing and possibly receiving complaints from the neighbours.  And more importantly, it will not annoy you or your family members.
Strong corrosion resistant materials with the latest in motor technology is expected with products from Davey, and this is exactly what Davey delivers ensuring the PowerMaster Eco will last and last, never failing to its job of pool filtration.  Other features include auto reset thermal control protection and the PowerMaster Eco also has a large leaf basket which can be easily removed after viewing its contents via the see through lid.
With a 3 Year Guarantee to back the Australian designed and made Davey PowerMaster you can rest at ease knowing you have the best of units.  And saving power means saving money, and the Davey Power Master Eco will save you money.  You can depend on it!

The Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner – Wow!

Zodaic Baracuda 9300 Sports Robotic CleanerWith summer here it is well and truly time to hit the pool with a splash. And that splash should be into a clean pool, of course. One certain way to help achieve and maintain the cleanest of pools is to unleash the full force of the Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner, yet another brilliant product brought to you by Zodiac.
The Polaris 9300 is quite simply brilliant! In design and performance this is one brilliantly made pool cleaner that will do the job of cleaning out the debris that loves to take residence in your cherished and prized swimming pool. Allow the Zodiac Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic Cleaner to take care of the pool while you relax and enjoy every aspect of it. After all, that is exactly what the Polaris 9300 is made for.
By using Vortex Vacuum Technology, the Zodiac Polaris 9300 picks up more debris than its competitors and all of the larger debris that other cleaners will not handle and will maintain maximum suction throughout the cleaning cycle. There are no bags that need to be emptied, the Polaris 9300 has an easy to access top load filter canister that is simple to access and release and will hold a great deal of debris. There is even a powerful rear water propulsion system that allows the Polaris 9300 to collect the debris from the step areas and other tight corners. The whole unit is designed for optimum performance with user friendly functionality.
With one touch, on demand cleaning cycles the Zodiac Polaris 9300 is just so easy to use and is designed in practical terms. This excellent pool cleaner even comes with a high quality transport and storage caddy built from heave gauge powder coated alloy. The Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic is equipped with all terrain aqua-trac wheels which allows the unit to cover the entire pool with ease. And the Polaris 9300 is exceptional at suctioning all the debris by using and oversized suction intake with deep cleaning scrubbing brush action.
The ultimate in robotic pool cleaners, the Zodiac Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic is made from light weight but strong materials and it can be easily lifted to and from the pool and with an in pool cable length of 18 meters you can be assured that no part of the pool will be left unchecked for the debris to gather.
By letting the Polaris 9300 at the pool debris once a week or even more if you wish, you will have one of the cleanest and inviting pools around to be enjoyed time and time again. And no matter what type of pool surface, whether it be concrete, fiberglass or even vinyl, the Zodiac 9300 Sport Robotic will cover all with comparative ease.
Be quick to purchase your Zodiac Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic because imported numbers are limited and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to supreme pool cleanliness.