Pool and Spa Gas Heating by Raypac

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Solar CoverTo own a pool is fantastic.  To have that pool gas heated by Raypac is better than fantastic.  Just think, the pool can then be used all year round, day and night, with controlled heat on demand.  And of course, with a spa or swim spa, you want the water to be heated, and the most effective way is by using a Raypac gas heater.  With Raypac heading the field in gas heating, the pool will never be so welcoming – even during the middle of winter!
The Raypac Residential Gas Heater model range (200mj430mj) is ideal when it comes to temperature controlled heating of the pool and spa.  Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Residential gas heating range can accommodate any size of domestic pool and spa and can be configured to use either propane or natural gas.
It is built from strong, corrosive resistant materials to last and last under any conditions.  The ‘cupronickel’ heat exchangers, polymer headers and ‘Zam’ metal casing gives the Raypac its credibility for its durability and long life.
The Raypac Residential heater is easy to use and can be installed either indoors or outdoors and is easy to operate.  There is even the option available to have a remote control so the heater can be operated from a position of comfort if you so desire.  Importantly, the Raypac Residential comes with digital heater controls that are programmable and there are separate settings for both the pool and spa, maximizing one’s enjoyment of both water areas.
So don’t leave the pool dormant and unused for months on end, waiting for the weather to become hot, to then jump in the pool and still find the water to cold for your liking.  With a Raypac Residential Heater the temperature of the pool and spa are easily controlled by the touch of your fingertips.
For excellence in spa gas heating you need look no further than the Raypac Spartan  131 gas heater.  This brilliantly Australian made unit is made from aluminium, giving the unit all over protection from corrosion and it will operate with propane or natural gas and is configured for outdoor installation.  Again, the Raypac Spartan is easy to use with digital heat controls makeing it so easy to adjust the temperature ideal for the different times of year.  Obviously you will want to turn up the heat come the harshness of an unforgiving winter, and take it down somewhat during the warmer times of year.  The Raypac Spartan 131 also has a remote control added option, to make enjoying the spa that much easier.
To enjoy the pool all year round and to have the spa at your desired temperature then pool and spa gas heating is the right choice.  And the right choice of gas heater is a Raypac gas heater.


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