Pool Sites Online Security. Are you SAFE!?

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Are you new to online shopping?

Are you not sure what people mean by SSL certificates, payment gateways, what is the safest way to pay?


In this article I will in a very basic way hopefully provide you with some objective and  informed information.


Some preliminary thoughts:

Most people shop online for the best price or as a convenient way to purchase goods. This means that instead of shopping by walking through a shopping centre or browsing through sales catalogues, you browse online mostly at least via Google to find the product you are after. This will normally lead you to one of two types of sites: online price comparison sites, or, direct tot he retailer site. Generally the price comparison site will lead you to retailers site once you click through.

TIP: When you are comfortable with who you buy from and give addressing details please remember the majority of goods go via a courier, so a business hours address is handy.


What makes a good pool website?

When you go to a website looking for a product, you want to make sure you are not going to pay for something and never see it! One of the best ways to help ensure you are going to have a successful transaction is to make sure the establishment you are dealing with is creditable. One of the best ways to help is. Is the company I am delaing with an operational pool shop?  If this is of issue to you then make sure you are dealing with a “bricks and mortar” company. If the website you are on cannot identify its location, or even their Australian Business Number then you may wish to do some further research on them. We at epools display all of this plus our GoolgeMapslocation!


The goods I buy?

You want to make sure on the items that have a warranty that you are able to realise the warranty if necessary. I most cases the warranty isn’t held by the trader, but by the manufacturer. If you have concerns about the warranty, give the manufacturer a call to help validate the traders ability to sell their products and in-so have the manufacturer recognise the warranty. Please remember warranties are “in-store warranties” so it is the buyers obligation to get the product to the right place, this may involve some freight costs.


Safe Payment Options!

There are many credible payment options. These include PayPal, CreditCardPaymentGateways, Direct Debit but to name a few. Beware of companies that tell you to give card details over the phone! Do yo know who you are giving your card number too? When possible use secure payment systems. This will mean that no-one sees your entire information together. Payment Gateways with hold this information from traders.

From the time you start entering your personal information you should see something that looks like this at the top of your browser window to ensure the information you enter is between you and the website only:

SSL Certificate Image

The arrow shows what you should be looking for in your browser. Due to a recent security issue called Firesheep(which forced Google and Facebook to go seucre) epools has decided to make the whole of the shopping process secure. If you dont see this with the browser URL text starting with https call them and ask why!


SSL Certificate

SSL certificates provide a means by which a key is issued and the communications between you and epools is encrypted and near on impossible to decode by people listening into your dealings with us.

A complete definition is available at wikipediaTransportLayerSecurity:

The URL bar text should start with the link: HTTPS:// as in the above images.

If you click on the padlock or coloured bar you get get a message similar to:

You are connected to:

  • epools.com.au

Which is run by:

  • unknown

Verified by:

  • Equifax

Your connection to this site is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping         .

The most important items on this message are:

  1. Verfication of the site you are connected to (epools.com.au)).
  2. Verified by a reputable SSL issuing company (equifax, geotrust etc).
Post Purchase:

A good and reputable ecommerce website will provide tracking for there articles. Ideally this will be forwarded to you via an email with a link of where to find the tracking information.



Please note that this article is what I would see as a common sense approach to buying pool products online and variations of this may be necessary to enable a transaction.

If you have any questions about the site security of epools.com.au then please email your questions to admin@epools.com.au.

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