Pumping at its best – the Zodiac Jandy ePump

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FloPro ePumpDelivering superior pool products time and time again, Zodiac have done it again with the Jandy FloPro ePump. State of the art in design and technology, the Zodiac FloPro ePump will help keep the pool clean and sparkling like no other pump on the market and at the same time will save you money on operating costs. The pool needs a pump for maintenance and the general health and safety of the pool and its users, so when purchasing an FloPro ePump you can be assured that you have bought the best. After all, it FloPro ePump does has a long life, variable speed motor built specifically to handle any water feature using less energy than its competitors.
The Jandy FloPro ePump comes packed with user friendly features such as:

  • easy to read indicators,
  • ergonomic handles
  • and it has the largest trap basket of all pool pumps and will therefore save you plenty of time in maintenance.

But these are just some of the more basic features that the Zodiac Jandy FloPro ePump offers to its user.
More importantly the Jandy FloPro ePump produces great power and comes in 1.5 and 2.0 H/P models. But not only is the FloPro ePump powerful for all domestic pool pumping needs, it is also highly efficient with its revolutionary eight variable speeds which customises water flow to all water features, and will use up to 70% less energy than the more common single speed pumps. Using the Jandy FloPro ePump could easily save you well over $1000 per year which are huge savings in anyone’s language.
These variable speeds and highly efficient motor helps lend to the FloPro ePump’s credence in ‘stealth’ operation. Don’t be annoyed every time the pool pump is running because it is too noisy, with the FloPro ePump and its highly efficient motor quieter operation is assured and also this advance motor that is fan cooled will not run as hot as others and will last much longer, all the while being able to pump water at a RPM range of 600-3450.
The Jandy FloPro ePump is totally programmable and can be customised with different control system options. The FloPro ePump will work with the Aqualink RS control systems and the optional FloPro ePump Controller.
So for a pump that operates with different speeds, for a pump that will save you money, for a pump that will run quietly and outlast most others, for a pump that will respond to different control systems and a pump made with advanced technology then the Jandy FloPro ePump is clearly the right choice!


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