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Dear Sir/Madam, I have been purchasing Nature 2 Duo Clear DC25 Replacement Cartridges from you over the last few years but my records of purchases made during 2013 seem to have gone missing. It is a requirement of Zodiac that evidence be produced that this cartridge is replaced regularly for the warranty to be effective. I wonder if you might have some records of the purchases I made during 2013 that you could send me.

Hi David
if you would like to sign in via this link
and then go to my account you will be able to view all your purchases with us as in the photo below

I am looking for a replacement cell for an Ozomatic MOG 480. Could you supply me some costings, Thanks JP

Hi Jean-Pierre
below is a link to the product you are after, please be aware that for a 480 model you will need 2 of the product in this link

Need Quiptron 170 W 119 H 135 Base But cannot ad to shopping cart online. Need help.

Hi there I purchased Zodiac saltwater chlorinator on Oct 2012 order number 20237 It now has severe cracking around the electrodes and Im concerning its about to break Can you please advise on a warranty replacement? Regards, Milton

Hi Milton.
I have seen this and a few client have used this product to repair the cracks as Zodiac only has a one year warranty on salt cell unless bought with a salt chlorinator package, not just cell.
Use this to repair but must be applied when no water is dripping easy to use and apply.

i need the Poolrite skimmer box wier door with the PCE-S9 and PCE-S8 stamped on it. I purchased recently the 20800 but it is to narrow between the hinges. Are you able to supply the correct door?


There are only 2 models of Poolrite Weir doors commonly sold for swimming pools in Australia.

I have attached a link here to our range of Skimmer box weir doors. Also dimensions are in the category heading:


Sent from my iPad. This is the zippered bag for the leaf catcher I was asking about. Is it available or was there not much interest?

hi Billy
here is the link to the zippered bag for the leaf catcher you was asking about.
zippered bag for the leaf catcher I was asking about.

Proserpine Subject Measurements Pool or Spa Type Portable spa steps Message Can you please let me know what the measurement is for the BASE of the portable spa steps. I need something to put on top of a concrete step in the pool as it is too high to step out of. Also cost of postage to Proserpine QLD 4800

Hi Monica

The base measurement would be double the width of the steps which are 300mm wide and 600mm deep or 2 foot deep in imperial,

and the width is  820mm or 2 foot and 9 inches.

the freight to proserpine is approximately $50.00 Grey is in stock and delivery would be 5 working days, red would need to be ordered in and delivery would be 15 working days





We have all our Pool Blankets at this link:


Pool or Spa Type Above Ground Pool Message I am attempting to order this pool skimmer basket on ebay. Ebay gives a message that the seller has not figured the shipping to my location and to change my address. When trying to order directly through your company, you only allow inquiries in Australia and not the United States. What do you suggest? Susan

Hi Susan

please create an account via this link and add to your shopping cart the items you need and I will look at the shipping for you



Hi looking at purchasing 8 X Candle light floating blossom white, for delivery to Heathcote NSW 2233. When I try to calculate the postage, it says delivery not available. Could you please advise postage cost to 2233. Thanks.

I have fixed the postcode issue with your area.
But, we currently are out of stock of these ones.
We have an order in with our supplier but no delivery yet. Maybe a week they say.
Link to floating lights:

Town/State Yatala Qld Subject poolrite s-1800 Skimmer Box Basket Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message I purchased 1xS-1800 skimmer box basket (pb5934) a couple of years ago. Do you still sell these or what should I use for replacement Many thanks Marianne

Yes these are still readily available. I will give a link here to go to it on our site:


Town/State Parkville Subject Purchase Pool or Spa Type lab supplies Message Hi , Was just wondering if you accept purchase orders, I am from the Zoology department at the University of Melbourne and we cannot order chemicals with a credit card, Thanks

Hi Rebecca
yes we do accept orders of that nature, you can order products as a direct bank deposit type order and when it has been paid for via bank transfer we can send the goods

Subject filters for purifer Pool or Spa Type water purifer Message just want to know price and availability of the filters for model no 36410008 stoneware water purifer

Town/State Samford Valley Subject Replacement Mesh Bag Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hi, I have a Habco leaf rake and I am trying to get a replacement mesh bag for it. I bought the Habco leaf rake through epools and it advertised replacement bags so I thought you might stock them. If you stock them which one it is? Regards John

Need to replace flap at entrance to filter. It has PCE S 9 written on it. Where can i buy one.


I beleive this link is the one your looking for:

Sorry about the delays in getting back to you.

Subject vacuum plate Pool or Spa Type Above Ground Pool Message I am chasing a 175mm vacuum plate for a Zodiac pool. P75321 looks like it but could not find a size.

Subject Rust spot stains Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hi we recently redid our pool with a gemtex finish and have a Zodiac T5 pool cleaner only using when clean pool. It is not in pool all the time however we have noticed some rust spots appearing. Do have s solution to use to rid these permanently?

Hi Meg.

You could look at this link it will attach  to a standard (Aust.)  vacuum pole and remove staines.

Regards Alan

Subject Pool part Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hi. We need to replace the attached skimmer box part - diameter 245mm. Can you help? Thanks Paul


Hi Paul.

Thanks for asking attached is a link and you will find the vacuum plate that is a replacement.

Regards Alan


Alan Epools

1300 658 313

Greetings, Hope you get my inquiry, I want to know whether you sell Ladder Rungs. Email me the available sizes/models you have, or a link to look through. Also want to know the types of payment you accept.Hope to hear back from you soon. Best Regards, Bob

Thanks for the question.

We do sell swimming pool ladder parts.
We accept cards, paypal all through our secure payment system. Freight can be worked out in the shopping cart.

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