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Do you deliver to Santiago, Chile? I'm looking for a Hurlcon SX 1000 Watt blower.


Yes we are able to deliver to Santiago Chile.

However we would need to do this as a one-off PayPal invoice. This is the only payment method we are able to accept.

If you wish to proceed can you please send us complete Name, Address, Phone and email details. We will then issue a PayPal invoice to your listed email address for payment.

Our available blowers are at this link:


"Generic Auto Chlor AC20 Salt Cell - Push Terminals" - is this the self cleaning reverse polarity model?


No the AC20 salt chlorinator cell is not a self cleaning chlorinator. If you wished for a self Cleaning Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator you could view our range at the following link:

Or our link to the Auto Chlor Salt Chlorinator Cell is:


how do I test if my pool power rp30 salt cell is working properly my pool keeps going green


The old salt cells where quite simply tested. However the newer self cleaning salt chlorinators require a more specialist testing unit which not all pool shops might have.

Our parent company has facility to test these cells:
Just Pools'N'Spas Pty Ltd,
200 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen 3105.
Ph: 03 9850-8011
Fx: 03 9011-9650

A couple of things to check:

  1. Do you have the correct amount of salt in the pool? Not too high not too low.
  2. Are the terminal plugs nice and firm in the cell?
  3. Is the cell more than 5 years old? Most salt cells only have a life expectancy of 5 years

As the genuine prices for the cells is very expensive we also offer generic replacements. Link to Pool Power RP30 Salt Cells


we have a watermaid saltwater chlorinator when it is running only one or two green lights come up what could problem be or is it not a problem


The 2 main issues could be:

  1. Slat level is too  low or high. Have a salt check done at a pool shop.
  2. If the salt cell is over 3 years it could be starting to wear out. Life expectancy is up to about 5 years.

Link to our watermaid salt chlorinator cells:

Venturi Cells:

Flow Through Cells:

Hope this helps.

Hello, we bought Aquasphere Reverse Polarity (Self Cleaning) Chlorinator in April this year (we bought it from Epools and installed it ourselves). We also replaced our pool pump in December last year. Today, we were trying to do a backwash after getting rid of all the leaves stuck in the pump (due to the recent windy weather). We turned the pump and the chlorinator off for the back wash and when we tried to turn them back on, nothing worked- there was no light coming in for the chlorinator, no sound: nothing just like the power has not even come in yet. We turned the whole pool electricity off and turned it back on for a few times so I reckon it is not the problem of electricity. Why do you think the problem is? Thank you. Regards, Esther

Esther thanks for the question;

There are a couple of things it could be:

  1. Has the pump primed with water after cleaning out the leaves? (Is the basket at the pump full of water)
  2. Have you tried plugging the pump alone into the power point? This will help see if it is the pump or chlorinator issue.
  3. Could it be a timer issue on the chlorinator time clock? May need to reset the time at the pin hole and re-set it up again?

Try these things and give us a call if you don't have any success.


Hi, I am looking to replace our burnt out Zodiac Clearwater C140TS. The sticker on the back has me confused and I am not sure what amperage to look for in a replacement. The sticker says: Input: 250V, 50Hz a.c. 10A total max. Socket 8A max. O/P: 9V 15A max. d.c. IP23 V99230 Can you please advise? I am looking at your refurbished AutoChlor AC25T Chlorinator as a replacement. Pool is quite small (not sure of exact volume). Thanks for your help!


The Autochlor is a bigger salt chlorinator than the 140 your replacing. This is good as you can always turn it down and not work the chlorinator as hard if not required.

So yes this is a satisfactory replacement for the clearwater, just a little simple plumbing required to install it.

Link to Refurbished AutoChor Chlorinator:


Your site is the most open and helpful I have seen. My second Davey sand filter has failed on the mould join at top. Is there a repair material ? If NOT, what is your recommendation for new Filter to suit 65,000 - 70,000 litre pool. Thanks Brian Ball.


Thanks for the inquiry.

Unfortunately there is no acceptable way to repair a tank. Some things to take into account are:

  1. What size is the current filter make and model, or, diametre?
  2. What size is the pump?
  3. Any discharge side restrictions?
  4. How old is the filter media?

As the pump and filter are matching items, any deviation may cause damage.

Please feel free to call us on 1300 658 313 for further advise. If you decide to please get the above information.



i currently have monarch esrcl 200 i like get equivilant model again i herd davey brought monarch out can u give me price on simlar davey cloromatic product thanks

Hi, I have a clearwater chlorinator with a C170T cell. We have almosty no chlorione production at the moment so was going to get a new cell. That said the cell is still getting the white build up on it & I clean it every 3-4 weeks (approx). Does it sounds like I need a new cell? Also, do you need to clean the leads that connect to the salt cell (black, red & a node-y type one)? Can these be replaced if need be? Finally does cleaning cell with hydrochloric acid shorten lifespan? So many Q's I know - just want toget the chlorine happening again. Thanks Nicole.


Sounds like a lack of salt in the pool? The salt level needs to be between 4000ppm and 5000ppm. Don't believe the power pack as the need to add salt light isn't always correct.

Another issue could be length of run time of the filtration. 8 hours is the average for most pools.

The cell leads should be clean and a firm fit onto the terminals of the salt cell.

The acid solution used to clean the cell should be no stronger than 1 part acid to 10 parts water. Although phosphoric acid  used in products such as Lo-Chlor Salt Cell Cleaner offer better cleaning with minimal shortening of cell plate life.

Hope this helps.



Where can I get a replacement cell for my minder x20cls?( I have the round housing and am looking for a replacement insert. How much are they for delivery in Sydney. Thx


Here is a link to our Minder page:

Does it look like any of these? If not please email a photo to with measurements and a bit of a description. We have had a couple of unusual Minder cells come past us recently.


When adding glass media to my new filter, do I put in the coarse or fine first. Regards Tony


Thanks for the question

The recommendation is that the course media goes in first then the fine on top of that.

Link to epools filter medias:

Please remember though which ever filter media you use. Give it a couple of backwashes first before turning it to filter. If you notice any fine dust at first getting back into the pool, a vac to waste is recommended.


Hi I purchased a compuchlor chlorinator last October ($840). The cell only makes chlorine intermittently. It replaced an identical unit which was about 9 years old. Can you please advise the next steps to getting it working. It is connected to off peak so has power when the off peak runs. The pump runs no problem but the cell almost never works except on very infrequent occasions. The salt level is 5700ppm. Appreciate your advice. Called compuchlor who have not returned calls re: warranty.


Sorry to hear you are having this issue. Some Compu Pools Chlorinators actually are designed to run only about 3200ppm salt?

Please call me on 1300 658 313.



Equipment Hurlcon VX series chlorinator, Problem low salt light coming on. my hurlcon chlorinator low salt comes on for no reason if i remove the 2 plugs in the back of the cell and refit it works again but only for a few days, i have cleaned the cell. any ideas?


The main reasons for this can be:

  • Low or High salt level in the pool. The salt level should be 4000ppm to 5000ppm.
  • The cell is at its end of life. Normally they last 3 to 5 years.
  • The connections at the cell aren't nice and firm in fitting.
  • The filter isnt being cleaned enough to help stop non-salt particulates passing back through the cell.

Hope this helps a bit.


I've checked my account and I'm not sure how to find my last order. It was some time ago. I want to order the same spa filters please. Wendy


the last order was for:

2 x Monarch Spa MS50 Cartridge FCMS45

Link to this is:


i want a blue poolrite light cover (pl003) , $30.00, is there a delivery charge?


Yes, you simply put it into the shopping cart and you are able to calculate from there the price.

Link to Poolrite Blue light cover:


The lid on my poolrite watermizer 200 filter has sprung a couple of leaks, I've been advised by the people at Evolve that they haven't made them for three years. Is there another suitable replacement lid that I can buy? The lid is 415 mm in diameter and secured by the aluminium clamp. Cheers Greg


Thanks for the question. Unfortunately the Watermiser Filter Lid is no longer available. This is one of the items that the other companies never took up after Poolrite went insolvent.

We can only recommend a replacement filter. Link to epools range of cartridge filters:


Hi I am interested in Chloromatic MCS24CPH with PH dosing pump. has this unit a 12V socket for my pool light? Also could you buy the ph doing system seperatly (at which price) as I run the same system and home and in fact that unit failed. thks a lot

Thanks for the question.

The Chloromatic MCS24CPH does not come with the light transformer. the non-pH version has the option of a light transformer, as you have intimated.

The Zodiac pH Perfect or Astral Feeders have a pH control mechanisms both in the $700 area.

The other option is the pH controlled chlorinator and a independent light transformer as well?

If you have any questions please call us on 1300 658 313 or Contact Epools Via Email.


Hi, just received my new filter mod. SQ751. Could you pls. tell me if I have to remove the two straps around the center of the filter, they appear to be glued on.. Thanks


There is no need to take these tapes off as they hold the pleats in place.

Link to epools filter cartridges:


Is it necessary to change the filter medium (sand) in my Monarch EcoPure F28 filter, if so, how often? How much sand do you use? And can I replaced sand with glass beads?


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Yes the recommended frequency of sand changes is 3 to 5 years. And requires 215Kg of Sand.

You can use glass media, but generally this is of minimal benefit unless you choose to use mineral salts in the pool then it is necessary.

Link to Sand Filter Sand:

Link to Zelbrite Media:

Link to Glass Media:


What treatment - chemical or other, does my swimming pool need to get rid of the algae? We were away for 2 months and some chlorine was meant to be added every few weeks - but unsure how often actually done. I have added granular chlorine (hypochlorite) a few times over past few weeks - with no change to algae. I had a similar problem last summer when I needed to drain about half the pool to get the cyanuric acid level down. However this time the CYA reading is about 70ppm. Your urgent help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the question.

Please note this is with me not knowing what the chemical levels are in the pool now. But I would say:

  1. Rake as much debris out of the pool as possible.
  2. Add 15lt of LIQUID Chlorine per 30,000lt of water. NOT powder, they don't seem to dissolve properly.
  3. Add 1lt of liquid acid per 15lt of Chlorine put into pool.
  4. Lo-Chlor Algaecides such as Algae Knockout are also of good assistance here.

Run filter continuously for 24 hours or so. May need to backwash after a day.

This will send the pool a blue cloudy colour. From there you may need to floc the pool?


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