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Dear Sir/Madam, What is cost of a Zodiac DuoClear25 replacement cartridge if ordered online and then picked up. Also what would be the cost if it is delivered to Essendon 3040? Yours sincerely Don

Hi Donald
here is a link to the product and also below is the results of you inquiry, store pickup would not incur any delivery charges
product link      

Hi i Recently purchased a swimspa and im trying to ascertain what chemicals i need to keep the spa running . The spa is fitted with UV/ Ozone sanitization and pure ozone water clarifier plus purezone filtration. I asked the sellers and they tell me lithium is all thats needed . I noticed on your site you sell easy sanitizer, so im curious if i need to use the lithium at all as the spa brouchure tells me UV sanitisation kills all viruses and bacteria. If i do need to use chemical can i use the easy sanitizer instead of lithium Reg Steve

Hi Steve

Ozone (O3) is a form of oxygen (O2) and is a very strong oxidising agent that can help control micro organisms, destroy organic contamination, unwanted by products, dead algae and organic debris. It is not a complete spa or hot tub sanitiser, in the truest sense, because ozone does not remain in water for long periods of time. In a spa or hot tub, there must be a backup sanitiser such as, chlorine or bromine. Lithium hypochlorite (chemical formula LiOCl) is one of the most recently developed forms of chlorine. Of the six most popular types of chlorine lithium-hypo is the most expensive to use You will need to get 84 kilo of lithium-hypo to get 29 kilo of available chlorine. in other words you would need to use a larger quantity of the lithium based sanitiser to generate the same amount of chlorine that you could get from a smaller quantity of some other chemical such as chlorine tablets etc. as such the lithium based sanitisers are generally more expensive then other brands. So steve the answer to your question is yes you can use the Ezy Sanitiser instead of lithium. here is the link to the Ezy Sanitiser



What treatment - chemical or other, does my swimming pool need to get rid of the algae? We were away for 2 months and some chlorine was meant to be added every few weeks - but unsure how often actually done. I have added granular chlorine (hypochlorite) a few times over past few weeks - with no change to algae. I had a similar problem last summer when I needed to drain about half the pool to get the cyanuric acid level down. However this time the CYA reading is about 70ppm. Your urgent help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the question.

Please note this is with me not knowing what the chemical levels are in the pool now. But I would say:

  1. Rake as much debris out of the pool as possible.
  2. Add 15lt of LIQUID Chlorine per 30,000lt of water. NOT powder, they don't seem to dissolve properly.
  3. Add 1lt of liquid acid per 15lt of Chlorine put into pool.
  4. Lo-Chlor Algaecides such as Algae Knockout are also of good assistance here.

Run filter continuously for 24 hours or so. May need to backwash after a day.

This will send the pool a blue cloudy colour. From there you may need to floc the pool?


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