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Hi, I am after a replacement cartridge to go into our zodiac filter. It's a jandy sc150, I see you have one that's quiet expensive have you got any other cheap versions I could buy. Thanks a lot Caren

Hi Karen
here is a link to the generic versions which are identical to the original in every way except in the price

Town/State S.A Subject filter lid o rings Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message hi , I have a onga pantera pcf100 cartridge filter on my pool , I am looking for the thick o ring that fits under the lid , can you help me ? its 210mm id/230mm od approx. 10mm thick /8-10mm high regards jeff

I want to replace a filter gauge for my sand filter. It is side mounted and approx inner face 42mm, outer face 53 mm, the size of the pipe is approx 20 mm. I can't find anything that matches this exactly. Can you advise if you have something in stock? Can you also advise if I can just unscrew the old one and screw in the new one or do I need a technician for this?

Hi Diane.
Thanks for asking but you require is some is a bit of plumbers gas fitters teflon white tape but do not over use as if to tight in the plastic valve hole and crack the valve body.
As for the gauge face size that is not that important unless you do not have you eye glasses on. and as the thread size in all valves are the same it will fit.
What I would like to know is the side mount when fitted under the gauge or on the side as with oil filled gauges they could leak if used in the side position.
This is a link to a side mount gauge
Regards Alan

Davey Sand Filter Laterals Pool or Spa Type Above Ground Pool Message Hi, I'm getting sand from my filter washed into the pool which I believe indicates the laterals may be cracked/broken. Are you able to supply new laterals or the internals to the filter ? Everything else is ok. The filter is a Hayward Swim Pro SW196TLV. Thanks, Jeremy.

Subject onga sand filter Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message need some parts for the multi valve port leaking water in backwash pipe model no onga psf31 yhanks

Hi Henry

Parts are not available separately for that model filter's multiport valve.

However it is still available as a complete part.

However the list price for a complete multiport valve to suit that filter is $675.00

It would be more economical to purchase a complete new sand filter



Town/State wellington nsw Subject praher 40mm multi port valve Pool or Spa Type Above Ground Pool Message I have a davey crystal clear sand filter model 36025 with a praher 40mm multi port valve. I need to know if you have said valve, its costs and delivery. thank you

Hi  Robert

here is the link to the valve, please add to cart and update with your postcode to get delivery costs



backwash leak Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message water leaking from outlet end of backwash pipe when the pool filter is running. not leaking when filter stopped. filter is onga high rate sand filter. model no. psf25. can you tell me the problem and supply the solution. cheers alan.

Hi Alan
be glad to tell you what the cause is and the solution to it, but we will need a photo of the multiport valve as onga used quite a few different ones in that filter

Subject Pressure guage for Ecopure F25 Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message I have a pressure gauge and the thread reducer that has decintegrated, is it possible to get a pressure valve that is the correct size to fit the valve?

Hi, The freight price on the waterco swimming pool filters is much higher than the Davey or Zodiac brands. Is this correct? Regards Tony

Hi Tony.
Tony thanks for your request on freight cost.
I hope I can improve on the cost but without your freight address I cannot find out if there is a freight over charge. By the way Waterco is limited to deal with for us online sellers. I have a local Waterco account as I have traded as a pool shop in here for 30 years so they supply me locally.  Where the Davey and Zodiac suppliers allow me to pick up out of there interstate warehouses so freight costs are less or you can pick up on arrangement from them.

Link to Epools Sand and Media Filters:


Town/State Para Hills Sth.Aust.5096 Subject Pool Filter Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message What can be done to fix a crack on the water inlet port spigot of our Davey easy clear 750 cartridge filter tank? It is leaking quite badly & it is less than 5 yrs since we purchased it. Is there a Davey dealer I can take it to here in Adelaide?

Hi Leny

Please cal davey water products on 1300232839 to get the location and contact details of the closest authorized davey deal who will be able to handle the warranty claim on the filter.

Please have a copy of your purchase invoice with you when you contact the davey dealer


Town/State qld Subject filter lid Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hi what's the difference between the easy clear and the cf filter lid will the cf lid fit a easy clear 500 filter mine is cracked thanks

Hi Marc
These are two different lids, not compatible with each other.
Which filter eaxctly have you got that you need the lid for?
To enable us to identify your lid it would be most helpful if you could email a couple of photo's of the lid
from top and from underneath.
Link to swimming pool filter lids:

Subject Spider gasket Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message I have an aquaswim paramount 650 sand filter. Can you still get spider gaskets for these filters

Hi Cory

we should be able to get them, however we will need to have a couple of photo's of the valve, as there were a couple of different valves that were used in that model of filter.

Once you have emailed me the photo's of the valve, (top view and side view) we will be able to identify which valve it is and send you a link to the part you require



Hi, I am after a replacement Poolrite Watermiser 200 lid. Are you able to help please? Regards Aaron

Hi Aaron.
The new Poolrite will not be making any replacements and we have been told that our last order will not be filled as there is no more in production,

The only way would buy a new set of cartridges along with the larger lid, But I feel that would be a bad option my best advise is buy a new filter, Not all cartridge filters are lemons like the Watermizer,

Link to epools filters:
Regards Alan

Your site is the most open and helpful I have seen. My second Davey sand filter has failed on the mould join at top. Is there a repair material ? If NOT, what is your recommendation for new Filter to suit 65,000 - 70,000 litre pool. Thanks Brian Ball.


Thanks for the inquiry.

Unfortunately there is no acceptable way to repair a tank. Some things to take into account are:

  1. What size is the current filter make and model, or, diametre?
  2. What size is the pump?
  3. Any discharge side restrictions?
  4. How old is the filter media?

As the pump and filter are matching items, any deviation may cause damage.

Please feel free to call us on 1300 658 313 for further advise. If you decide to please get the above information.



Subject Glass Filter Medium Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hi I see you have glass filter medium I have an old Finsbury S25 sand pool filter and I was considering putting glass medium in it. It says 120Kg Sand and 40 Kg gravel on the top 270 L/m flow rate What would you recommend? Thanks for you help Richard

Hi Richard

the info in this link will tell you how much you need for a 25 inch filter like yours



Town/State longford Tasmania Subject SK950 skimmer box parts Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Can you supply me with a facia plate for my inground sk 950 and also the door and hinge and what is the cost.

Hi can you please tell me if poolrite xl60 de filter will fit myxl 40 poollrite diatomaceous earth filter many thanks for your time roudy Kalgoorlie

Hi Roudy

The xl60 and xl40 are not compatible with each other, also to xl40 is no longer available so you will need to replace the entire filter

he is a link to some products that we have to use as a replacement.



Town/State Nhulunbuy Subject Sand Filter O ring Pool or Spa Type Above Ground Pool Message Do you supply this o ring for a WATERCO T400 Serial. 284019


Town/State Point Clare, NSW Subject Filter cartridge Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Can you supply 2 cartridges for an Emaux CF100 filter? If so, at what price, including postage please?



Above Ground Pool Message Just wondering if you stock the complete Sk1000 skimmer box. Do you accept money transfer as payment. What is the cost, including freight charges. Thank you

Hi Sally

yes we do stock the sk1000 complete skimmer box, freight cost is calculated before checkout,

payments can be made via credit card, paypal,direct bank deposits (bank transfer)



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