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Pomona QLD Subject solar heating roof sensor Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message I have an Austrol solar pool heating unit and the roof sensor appears to be u/s. Would you have any knowledge of a replacement or alternative brand that I can use please?

HI gary

we can source the roof sensor for you, two types available, one with a 2 metre lead length that can be spliced onto the existing cable, ($45.00) and one with a 20 metre lead ($58.00)

Which one do you need



Town/State apia Subject solar pool pump Pool or Spa Type swimming pool for commercial property Message need a solar pool pump for commercial property(hotel)



Hi, I want to buy the solar barbs for the solar tubing. When putting the barbs in the tube, is there a glue I need to use? Thanks Troy

Hi Troy

these are not glued in just push in and held by locking collar.



Subject Electric Pool heater Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message quote to get a electric pool heater

Hi Lisa

can we have some details of your pool eg size, has it got a pool cover etc

Link to form: https://www.epools.com.au/forms/view.php?id=16693



Just letting you know your 10 Barb AMR products on this page http://www.epools.com.au/solar-repair-parts-plus-general-bits-solar-manifolds-c-35_552_541/solar-manifolds-10-of-10-barb-p-7889.html Have an error in TYPE A vs TYPE B selection... when you click on "larger image" on the bottom Type A and B are the opposite of what they appear earlier in the page...I plan on ordering a pack tomorrow but just want to make sure the TYPE A is the one with a single barb going back to the pipe with a support either side (ie not the one with a solid block going back to the pipe). Also can you pleas let me know what your stock levels are like (ie if i will have to wait for them to come in first)? Thankyou Joel

Hi Joel.
They both have the same one barb to go in the 40mm header pipe, The one that you see with the barb has two supporting legs across the pipe, Were the block style has tow supports along each side giving it better support, The will both do the same job and both have the same barb.
Regards Allan
PS thanks for asking.

Large pool grommets Inground Pool Hi I believe I need about 500 large size grommets but am unsure if that is the exact size I need.. is there anyway I could just get 1 to test?? I will attach pictures as an example. Sorry my phone won't let me attach more but I think my barb is about 8mm

H Mat.

IIMAG0577 do not know what you found  and looked at on epools.com.au but there is three pages with parts in this link page 2  and page 3 has all the messurements the hole in the PVC pipe was drilled right or wrong  but messerements of the barb would tell me all I need to know to know the grommet  size.



Regards Alan

Please reply too


Phone 1300 658 313



Hi, Just wondering if you may be able to assist with the replacement ? Photo’s attached. It looks like a relief valve or something, and its leaking. Best Regards Nerge

Subject pool clorinator Pool or Spa Type Spa Pool Equipment Type - Salt Chlorinator Message Looking to replace raypak spa heater and also pool chlorinator. Currently runs c320 raypak gass heater does not work.

Hi Stewart.

The heater I can do a 280Mj at $3244.00 or a 350 Mj at $3596.00 as for the chlorinator we the options are endless could we state with the pool size and a budget .

Link to Raypak Gas Heaters: Click here to go to Raypac Gas Heaters

Regards Alan

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