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Hi, Is the Clock Control PCB Part# W082741 for the Zodiac LM3 chlorinator compatible with all models? I have the LM3 20TS. The on/off button doesn't work anymore. Regards, Wilco

Hi Wilco
The clock control pcb W082741 is compatible with all of the lm 3 Models
I noticed in your photo that the cover label has been damaged where the on / off button is.
This will need to be replaced as at present moisture can get in and damage the pc board
here is a link to the label you will need

I need to order this pipe coupling for the Zodiac Salt chlorinator, just need the grey housing kit not the ph Sensor and acid input they are fine. The image show the "thread" on the housing is broken. Please let me know cost and timeframe for pickuu

Hi Doug
Here is the link to the parts you will need
please allow 3 working days from order to pickup

Hello, We have a PoolPower SC18 cell and I just was wondering if you happen to test these or if you know of anywhere that does. It keeps coning up with a message "Lo Salt" and we have just cleaned it and added salt which has made no change at all Thanks - Sam

Hi Samantha
Yes we do have the facilities here to test salt cells and also the chlorinator itself. If you can bring in you salt cell and your chlorinator control unit
to us here at the shop which is at 200 Bulleen rd Bulleen, for a fee of $25.00 we can
test them both for you

hi could you please provide a delivered price to brisbane for the said hurclon vx7t chlorinator. Thanks

Hi Clive
here is the link to our ordering page, and the pic below shows you your price with freight costs
link to order:

I have a hurlchlor C140T Chlorinator ; the cell is worn out and I need a replacement. Could you tell me which product will do the job? thanks Steve

Hi Steve
can you please send us a photo of the control box so that we can identify the correct cell for you

Subject Possible salt cell failure Order Ref: 24359 Pool or Spa Type Above Ground Pool Message Hi Guys, A little under 12 months ago I purchased a replacement salt cell for AutoChlor RP25. After working ok for almost a year, yesterday the unit tripped the 'overload' light. I reset the unit, and turned the chlorine level back to minimum. Currently, if I set the level to any more than 40% the box will flash 'high salt' and doesn't produce any chlorine. I've tested the salt level and is 5000ppm. The cells appear clean, with no calcium buildup. Is there any way that I can test that the salt cell itself is ok? Thanks, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy

If you are local to us in Bulleen Victoria you can bring the cell and power supply into our shop and we will be able to test it for you

otherwise you may need to contact your local pool shop



PH Sensor for ESC 24pf Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hello, I have Monarch ECS24 PH system with my pool and it is about 7 years old. I have been having trouble with my PH control and have decided to clean the probe for the ph sensor. When I removed it, I found that the PH sensor was broken and I am in need of a new one. The S/N on the side of the current sensor is S/N 950195.Could you please advise on how much a replacement sensor will cost, and if they are readily available. Regards

I was looking to purcghase the Zodiac Tri Mid Pool Chlorine Generator but just wanted to check if I am allowed to purchase it on-line and have it delivered. I notice other online stores allow you to have it delivered.

Hi Tony

Here is the link to buy it online or just to check price with delivery. If they are not displaying these warnings their websites, then they may not be genuine Zodiac dealers.



P100 Generic Salt Cell Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message I bought a Cloromatic P100 cell from you in March 2010 and it has been excellent. However lately the amperage has dropped about 40% and the algae has started to reappear. I cannot find anything physically wrong with the cell nor can I measure any voltage drop through internal connections. The only other thing I have noticed is that it no longer gets much buildup on the plates so doesn't need cleaning often. If four years is a reasonable life i will be happy to buy another, but would like to be sure the fault doen not lie elsewhere.

Hi Brian

4 years is about the average life expectancy of most salt cells

here is the link for the P 100



Salt cell Order Ref: na Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hi, I have a Aquamaid system and will need a new salt cell soon. Do you sell this brand or have anything compatible ? Any other comments? Thanks

Hi Kathy

Yes we can supply you with the aquamaid salt cell, however we will need to know which model aquamaid chlorinator you have.


Astral VX7T Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hi we have a 45,000 ltr pool and would like a price on this salt chlorinator. Could you please confirm that this comes with timer as well thanks


Chlorinator Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Hi, I purchased a LME chlorinator CELL from you guys and it has stoped working. What can we do about it as I have to keep adding chlorine to pool. Can you please replace it. Regards Dean

Hi Dean

Zodiac warranty on replacement cells is 12 months from date of purchase, unfortunately yours is now out of warranty

you will need to purchase another cell

here are 2 links

this one is for a genuine replacement with 12 months warranty

this one is for a generic replacement which comes with a 24 month warranty

Replacement ph sensor Order Ref: 15976 Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message I require a replacement pH sensor for a ChloroMatic ESCph chlorinator which I purchased from you in Feb 2012.Searched your site but could not find the item. Please advise availability and cost. Thanks

Pool Volume 75000 Chlorinator Features No Addons Comments what is the cost of the Zodiac Tri Chorinator - Large (if appropriate) Thanks in advance

Hi Stephen

Here is a link to the product with pricing

to find out delivery costs please add to cart and then put in your postcode in the postcode box located towards the bottom half of the page

and then click on update to get your delivery cost

The tri large is currently in stock and available for immediate dispatch


link to tri large

"Generic Auto Chlor AC20 Salt Cell - Push Terminals" - is this the self cleaning reverse polarity model?


No the AC20 salt chlorinator cell is not a self cleaning chlorinator. If you wished for a self Cleaning Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator you could view our range at the following link:

Or our link to the Auto Chlor Salt Chlorinator Cell is:


how do I test if my pool power rp30 salt cell is working properly my pool keeps going green


The old salt cells where quite simply tested. However the newer self cleaning salt chlorinators require a more specialist testing unit which not all pool shops might have.

Our parent company has facility to test these cells:
Just Pools'N'Spas Pty Ltd,
200 Bulleen Rd, Bulleen 3105.
Ph: 03 9850-8011
Fx: 03 9011-9650

A couple of things to check:

  1. Do you have the correct amount of salt in the pool? Not too high not too low.
  2. Are the terminal plugs nice and firm in the cell?
  3. Is the cell more than 5 years old? Most salt cells only have a life expectancy of 5 years

As the genuine prices for the cells is very expensive we also offer generic replacements. Link to Pool Power RP30 Salt Cells


Darwin Subject Chloromatic esc 24 parts Pool or Spa Type Inground Pool Message Would you be able to source and supply the ON/OFF /Auto switch for a Chloromatic ESC 24 Chlorinator Regards Bob

Hi Bob

if by on , off, and auto, you mean the slide switch on the clock, then that is a part of the clock and is not available as a separate item, you would need to replace the clock which is available via this link



Hi, Ive previously had trouble with my zodiac LM3 and got it going again with a new clock control pcb from you. That was a couple of years ago and now it is giving me trouble again. You were so much help last time I'm starting with you this time! The last few weeks the self cleaning function stopped, and Ive had to manually clean it a few times. The cell certainly produced the usual cloud of bubbles, though it has had trouble making enough chlorine. Now there is no cloud of bubbles from the cell and the Check Salt light is on, though there seems to be enough salt in the pool. (I will get that checked, though.) My guess is it needs another pcb (which I would order from you) but do you have any other suggestions? Regards, Michael

Hi Michael.
Thanks for asking, You have not said but what is the pool size, the model of the LM3, do you use chlorine stabilizer ?  What is the salt cell age older than four years?

Also ask the local pool shop to check to SALINITY not the TDS they may be able to check your salt cell, if your are in Melbourne we can check it at Just Pools and Spas.

Link to salt water chlorinator spare parts:
Regards Alan

Do all led indicators on a clearwater lm3-24 control panel fail if electrode has failed


To a degree yes. If the cell has failed then you will not be able to increase the output levels. This can also happen when you have a low salt level. Keep the salt level between 4000ppm and 5000ppm.

Another common problem on these chlorinators is when the sticker overlay on the housing is cracked moisture and insects can get in and short the board.

Link to Salt Cells:

Link to replacement circuit board:

Link to replacement overlay sticker:

Hope this is of help.


Hi Michael Sorry it has been a while since your last email. I have had a few life distractions to deal with. So, please can you give me a price for a Model B140 salt cell plus delivery to Hamilton, New Zealand. Our current one is: Salt cell serial number SB14B0700995. WO 52384. Regards Craig

Hi Craig.
This is the link and we have enabled overseas ordering so click link and you should be straight ford,
This is the link to the genuine B series 140
And this link is the after market
Regards Alan

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