Quiet Davey Silensor Pool Pump SLS & SLL

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Davey Silensor Pool PumpsQuiet Davey Silensor Pool Pump SLS replacement for Davey Power Ace and Power Ace-CR and the larger SLL.

Replacement for Power Ace & CR Davey SILENSOR range of poolpumps ensures strong performance and super-quiet operation, with DryRun Protection and high efficiency.

Davey SILENSOR has a Super Quiet Design Typically Below 55 dB

* The water-cooled motor captures noise and vibrations allowing the Davey Silensor’s Super quiet operation
* Energy Saving – 15% more efficient than most standard pool pumps
* Solid construction and superior quality control in manufacture ensureyour new Davey Silensor will quietly go about its business day afterday, year after year
* Ideal for locations where quietness is a must, like backyard operations, close to your house or the neighbours

* Low noise allows late night operation using off peak energy
* Seal protection system reduces wear on mechanical seal
* ‘Dry run’ protection system avoids the major cause of premature pump failure.
* Davey Silensor SLS 150 has this specification: Motor input power: 860W Motor output power: 620W
* Suitable for pools up to 45,000L
* We also sell all other Davey Silensor Models

* Comes with 3 year warranty
* Installation can be arranged in specific areas if required for an additional charge.
* Fast and efficient shipping.
* Please call us for more information on 1300 658 313.


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