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Davey Powermaster EcoIn today’s current climate, referring to not just the awesome summer swimming weather but also the state of the environment and its ecology, it makes sense to be as eco-friendly as possible with your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance.  Many pool pumps on the market can help keep the pool clean.  Sure.  The problem is that they can also expend great amounts of energy in doing so.  But not the Davey PowerMaster Eco Pump.  No way!  This little beauty of a pump will keep the pool in sparkling condition and all the while will be super efficient with its energy usage.
In fact, the Davey PowerMaster Eco Pump comes with an energy efficiency rating of 8 stars.  That’s right, 8 stars.  It has great backing behind it, and just the fact that it is another brilliant product in the Davey series, suggests that it is the pool pump worth having to be at the helm, in defence of your pool’s cleanliness.
Running the Davey PowerMaster Eco is a 3 speed motor for efficient and smart use all year round.  By using the ECO flow for water turnover and filtration, the MID flow for all automatic pool cleaners and the HIGH flow for all other tasks that might need a little bit more water pumping oomph, your pool is sure to be the cleanest and most well looked after.
Think also of the savings to be gained by using and extremely cost effective PowerMaster Eco.  Delivering incredibly low emissions the super energy efficient pool pump that is the PowerMaster Eco uses up to 70% less energy than the traditional single speed pumps on the market.  Saving that kind of power demands the Davey Powermaster Eco to be seriously looked at.
The PowerMaster Eco is a quiet operator and having low noise emissions allows you to use the pump at night without disturbing and possibly receiving complaints from the neighbours.  And more importantly, it will not annoy you or your family members.
Strong corrosion resistant materials with the latest in motor technology is expected with products from Davey, and this is exactly what Davey delivers ensuring the PowerMaster Eco will last and last, never failing to its job of pool filtration.  Other features include auto reset thermal control protection and the PowerMaster Eco also has a large leaf basket which can be easily removed after viewing its contents via the see through lid.
With a 3 Year Guarantee to back the Australian designed and made Davey PowerMaster you can rest at ease knowing you have the best of units.  And saving power means saving money, and the Davey Power Master Eco will save you money.  You can depend on it!


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