Spa and Swimming Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning.

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Aquaspa Filter KlenzYour filter cartridge is an essential part of your water filtration program. Your cartridge will collect all the dirt, greases and oils which may get deposited into your spa or pool water. Obviously as time goes by the levels of debris collected in your cartridge filter will reach saturation levels. Then the question arises as to how you will clean the cartridge! How is this done?

There are several ways to clean the filter cartridge. No matter which solution you may choose some principles remain he same:

  • Do not allow too much debris to build up in the cartridge filter. This can often be told by the pressure gauge getting into the high range of back-pressure.
  • Use a recommended Cartridge Filter Cleaner, we recommend Aquaspa by Lo-Chlor Instant Filter Klenz.
  • Use a moderate pressure garden hose to rinse debris and cartridge cleaner.
  • Lubricate with a 100% silicon grease the various O rings which will be located around the filter lid etc.

The basic steps in this process are:

  1. Ensure the pump is turned OFF. Close any valves necessary.
  2. Use the air relief valve to equalize the air pressure between the cartridge filter and the outside atmosphere.
  3. Remove the cartridge filter lid to access and remove the filter cartridge.
  4. Give the cartridge a quick rinse to remove easily removed dirt.
  5. Spray the cartridge lightly with a cartridge cleaner using something as the Instant Filter Klenz mentioned above. Allow it to soak in for a short period. DO NOT allow it to dry on the cartridge elements.
  6. Thoroughly rinse the filter cartridge of the remaining dirt, oils and other debris.
  7. Lubricate as necessary the O rings. This will stop the O rings stretching as much and give a longer life span to them.
  8. Put cartridge back in filter and re-assemble lids etc.
  9. Turn on valves, prime pump and run system.
  10. When the air relief valve sprays out water showing that the cartridge filter is full, close valve.
  11. Run as normal.

Water WandAvailable on the epools website is a hose attachment called the Spa Cartridge Cleaner or Hot Tub Wand this will help you clean the inner parts of the cartridge elements with its fork like prongs

Cartridge Cleaner BlasterIf you find the cleaning tiresome. Consider more automated cleaning systems to compliment the above tasks with something such as the Cartridge Cleaner Blaster. This will help stop you getting as wet and direct water more into the elements.

In conclusion it is essential to clean the cartridge. Using a recommended cartridge cleaner such as the lo-Chlor Aquaspa Instant Filter Klenz to removed body grease and other oils that bind to the cartridge. Will prolong the life of the cartridge while also keeping your pool or spa in a cleaner more hygienic fashion.


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