Spa Pool Operation with a Single or Double Air Switch

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Spa Pool Air Switches are designed in a weather proof case to withstand most weather conditions. An air switch is used to safely control mains electrical equipment from an appropriate air button. This means there is no chance of electrical accidents happening from operation of equipment.

A spa air switch is most commonly used to turn on or off a spa pump system. Optionally dual or double air switches can also be used to turn on and off spa blower or pool lighting systems. A spa air switch with an integrated timer can also run the pump for daily filtration of the spa pool to help ensure cleanliness of the water.

One of the advances to have made its way from the commercial spa pool scene is the use of programmable timers to turn off the spa jets and prevent over use, or, forgetfulness in the use of the spa. With 10, 20 or 30 minute spa pool countdown timer functions. The models available with this are the Space Age AS01P, AS02P without filter timers, and the AS01TP and AS02TP with filtration timer functions.

If your Spa Pool has electrical heating for higher performance pumping systems which use a 15amp 240v mains plug type. The Space Age AS01H and AS02H are the solution. Both of these come with spa filter timer options.

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