Spa purification with the Nature 2

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Zodiac Nature2 Non-Chlorine based sanitisersNot only should the spa have the best agents keeping it clean and sanitised, it should also be an inviting and pleasant place to spend time without the strong smell of chlorine omitting from it.  Relax and enjoy the spa even more by eliminating the irritating and harsh effects produced by chlorine by using Nature 2 mineral sanitiser by Zodiac.

Nature 2 is a logical and most effective choice for spa sanitisation.  Not only does it work with great effect, stopping any would be nasties in their footsteps, the Nature 2  spa purifier also allows for absolute minimum chlorine dosage and is quick and easy to install and use.

By releasing certain minerals, silver and copper, The Zodiac Nature 2 sanitiser’s patented mineral water treatment works with small amounts of chlorine and bromine to purify the spa, attacking and destroying any pathogens that wish to find refuge in the spa water.  The water is kept clean and clear, but leaves out the harshness of too much chorine.  So no more red eyes, itchy skin or being overcome with the harsh smell of chlorine.

Simply placed into the existing cartridge filter of the spa the Nature 2 mineral sanitiser could not be any easier to install and use and will last up to 4 months. The Nature 2 will also work with all spa rates.  Not only will the irritants of chlorine be made extinct with the water clean and safe, savings will be made by not needing to use as many chemicals for the spa treatment.

Spa sanitisers are essential for the spa’s upkeep and longevity and absolutely necessary for the health and safety of the spa’s occupants.  If you have a new spa or a sick and tired of that strong chorine smell and another annoying factors that go with it, take a look and strongly consider implementing the Zodiac Nature 2 mineral sanitiser for superior spa treatment.

Nature 2 test strips and replacement cartridges and other Zodiac product for spa sanitization are readily available and can be trusted to be of the highest quality and cost effective.  Don’t waste any more time with harsh chlorine based spa treatments, try the Nature 2 spa purifier and discover a much better alternative.


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