Summer and the Self Cleaning Salt Cell

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As a pool owner you know that every Summer Swim Season your chlorine requirements for the pool escalate out of sight!

If your a pool owner with a Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator, then you will know that you have to turn up the filtration time of the pump and filter, but also turn up the output of the salt chlorinator. One thing that most people do not seam to realise is that a Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator still should have the cell manually cleaned coming into the Summer Season. Why?

The reason for this is that a self cleaning chlorinator commonly is a Reverse Polarity style of salt chlorinator. This means that periodically the + and – terminals will swap over. And as Calcium is attracted ionically to one of these polarities. When the polarities swap, it has the effect of two like ends of a magnet repelling each other. This works fine for Calcium but…

If you have debris that adheres to the cell then reverse polarity has no effect. This could be things such as debris flowing into the cell and getting lodged between the plates, or gum resins sticking there as well. So in an effort to clean the cell a manual clean is required to bring the cell back to optimum performance for the Summer Swimming Season.

A dedicated cell cleaner such as Lo-Chlor Clean Cell Plus or Zodiac Salt Cell Cleaner will clean the cell with a minimum of damage to the cell. Or, as the older method goes. Use one part pool acid to 10 parts water. Always slowly adding acid to the water, not vise-versa, in a bucket. Then letting it soak for 15 mins. This will normally be enough time for the cells to clean.

This should help keep the Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator at peak performance for the Summer. Also It is important to have the Salt Level in the pool at the correct level. Not too high and not too low!

Happy Swimming


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