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Davey Silensor the quiet acheiver

Davey Silensor SLL
Silensor the name says it all… Davey Silensor. With the patented liquid-cooled motor of the Silensor makes it so quiet, you can use it at any time of the day or night and not affect your neighbours. The range offers an optional extra-large leaf basket for fewer cleans, giving you the perfect single speed pool pump for any residential use. Silensor can be retrofitted for Powerace models so no extra plumbing is required to upgrade to the new Davey Silensor.

The new age Davey Silensor range of Swimming Pool Pumps uses a unique to Davey water-cooled motor for super quiet operation with high efficiency in design made at our Australian based manufacturing area near Melbourne.

With a ‘plastic’ outer casing, the Davey Silensor is not effected by chemical water splashes like other pool pumps, comes in either large or small leaf basket models and are so quiet you can run them at any time, day or night, without upsetting the neighbours.

With models starting from 1hp all the way to 2.4hp, with large pressure rating up to 24metres head, and flow rates to 460litres per minute, the Davey Silensor can comfortably run filtration systems, cleaners and backwash residential media filters with ease.

Models Available:

Davey Silensor SLL
Also available the Davey SLL series of swimming pool pump featuring an Extra Large Basket

The ideal applications for the Davey Silensor swimming pool pump include:

  • Pool water filtration
  • Auto pool cleaning systems
  • Filter backwashing
  • Water features
  • Spa jet circulation
  • Swimming pool solar heating

Why choose the Davey Silensor swimming pool pump? With its long lasting and super quiet operation this dependable Australian made pump will, without and plumbing on the SLS model directly replace your old Power Ace pump. Or if your simply after a great value for money upgrade to your old pump. The Davey Silensor SLS or Silensor SLL is the ideal replacement!

SPASA Vic and Davey Products Golf Day

Just a quick post.

Last Friday the 14th March was SPASA Vic annual golf day at Kingston Links Golf Club. Our primary host to the event was Davey Products as we are a Master Dealer for their swimming pool range of products. While other pool wholesalers such as Astral and leading retailers where also represented there.

I have attached some pics to show why it is lucky we are in the pool industry and not golf professionals!


Lovely day for golf. Davey sign was prominent.
Lovely day for golf. Davey sign was prominent.
Needed a coffee first thing in the morning
Needed a coffee first thing in the morning
SPASA guests at the 19th.
SPASA guests at the 19th.
Mark has a technical problem with driving the cart! :)
Mark has a technical problem with driving the cart! :)
Kingston Links.. What a golf course!!
Kingston Links.. What a golf course!!
One of Marks better shots
One of Marks better shots
There was lots of water around the course.
There was lots of water around the course.
Kingston Links is very much a links style of golf course
Kingston Links is very much a links style of golf course
SPASA and Davey Swimming Pool Products  hosted a great day
SPASA and Davey Swimming Pool Products hosted a great day


Davey PoolSweepa Optima, Better Cleaning, Better Savings!

Epools.com.au Davey  PoolSweepa Optima
The Davey PoolSweepa Optima is the latest top end robotic swimming pool cleaner from Australias’ most trusted pool equipment manufacturer and supplier Davey Water Products. From what was an “over the top” expensive professional pool cleaner from several years ago. The reduction in costs, and the uptake and supply to the domestic swimming pool market. Makes the Davey PoolSweepa Optima a great alternative to those people who care about their pool!
Traditionally the better pool cleaners where systems which had their own external pressure pump and all the plumbing that went along with them, and not to forget the ugly plumbing and sometimes dangerous fittings that protruded into the swimming pool. The Polaris and JetVac, although good cleaners, where examples of this older and less compact style of swimming pool cleaning system. Once the Davey PoolSweepa Optima has done its job and been removed from the swimming pool, there is nothing protruding into the pool to interfere with you enjoying your pool experience.
The PoolSweepa Optima is a top of the range cleaner in terms of pool size, cleaning capability and energy savings. Optima is suited for larger domestic and lower end commercial pools up to 15 metres in length.
The environmentally friendly cleaning process of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima means you will require less chemicals to maintain an accurate water balance and water clarity. PoolSweepa Optima scrubs, brushes, vacuums and coarsely filters the swimming pool water to help prevent germination of algae and bacteria. Also one of the under-appreciated but highly desired aspects of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima is its ability to scrub the waterline of the pool, this will eliminate that ugly scum line around the top edge of the swimming pool water line.
Dual Drive a feature of the Davey PoolSweepa Optima allows for a far smoother and manoeuvrable drive system to be employed. So the tighter corners and variable surfaces of a lot of swimming pools is no longer a problem with the PoolSweepa Optima.
The Davey PoolSweepa Optima comes with the choice of wither a course debris bag (standard) or the addon option of a finer bag. The course bag is recommended for most installations as higher dust levels in Australia may clog the finer bag quickly reducing its performance.
Davey Water Products offer a 3-year parts warranty, so you know your PoolSweepa Optima will be supported by one of Australias’ most trusted swimming pool equipment companies!
The Davey PoolSweepa Optima when compared to its competition such as Pandoora, K-Bot, Zodiac V3, Dolphin robotic cleaners, the PoolSweepa Optima will leave them in its wake! So enjoy the benefits of the Davey Water Products PoolSweepa Optima in your concrete or fibreglass swimming pool.

The Davey Frill-Neck Wizard – Wizardry in Motion

Epools Davey Frill Neck WizardAnd ‘hey presto’ the pool is clean!
If you like keeping the pool clean and inviting and are looking for a cleaner that does a wonderful job then consider using the Davey Frill-Neck Wizard automatic cleaner for your pool. Davey’s reputation alone should sway you in your decision, but if it is an affordable and efficient cleaner that you are after, a cleaner that leaves the pool in the superb condition and practically urges you to jump in with a big splash, then the Frill-Neck Wizard is the cleaner you want – somehow it cleans the pool as if by magic.
Even if the pool pump you are running is small, it doesn’t matter, the Frill-Neck Wizard only requires low flow rates to run whilst not missing a beat as it relentlessly attacks the debris that has annoyingly found its way into the pool. In fact, one wizardry stroke is that it requires only 60 litres per minute to run and effectively clean the pool beyond belief.
Don’t be afraid of the Frill-Neck making too much noise either. By using a super-quiet piston propulsion system and using no diaphragms the Wizard will operate whisper quiet as though controlled as if by magic. After all, Davey didn’t name it the Wizard for nothing.
With only one moving part, and made from UV stabilized and chemical resistant materials the Frill-Neck Wizard is designed to last and last, giving you years to enjoy the cleanliest of pools without you doing any of the hard work. The hard work is made to look easy while under control of the Frill-Neck Wizard. Even maintenance of the system itself is quick and easy, as is setting the Wizard up and operating.
If the pool is above ground, inground, concrete or fiberglass it doesn’t matter. The Frill-Neck Wizard will work with almost all surface finishes, leaving whichever pool better off after its experience with the Frill-Neck Wizard.
This awesome cleaner comes with a flow meter tester which will allow it to work in perfect symmetry with the pump and also comes with 12 quality tested hose sections with oh so easy push-fit connections.
When it comes to pool products Davey are leaders of the pack. And when they release a new cleaner you can be sure it will be of the best make and standard. As is , of course, the Davey Frill-Neck Wizard. It is pure wizardry for your pool.

Save with the PowerMaster Eco

Davey Powermaster EcoIn today’s current climate, referring to not just the awesome summer swimming weather but also the state of the environment and its ecology, it makes sense to be as eco-friendly as possible with your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance.  Many pool pumps on the market can help keep the pool clean.  Sure.  The problem is that they can also expend great amounts of energy in doing so.  But not the Davey PowerMaster Eco Pump.  No way!  This little beauty of a pump will keep the pool in sparkling condition and all the while will be super efficient with its energy usage.
In fact, the Davey PowerMaster Eco Pump comes with an energy efficiency rating of 8 stars.  That’s right, 8 stars.  It has great backing behind it, and just the fact that it is another brilliant product in the Davey series, suggests that it is the pool pump worth having to be at the helm, in defence of your pool’s cleanliness.
Running the Davey PowerMaster Eco is a 3 speed motor for efficient and smart use all year round.  By using the ECO flow for water turnover and filtration, the MID flow for all automatic pool cleaners and the HIGH flow for all other tasks that might need a little bit more water pumping oomph, your pool is sure to be the cleanest and most well looked after.
Think also of the savings to be gained by using and extremely cost effective PowerMaster Eco.  Delivering incredibly low emissions the super energy efficient pool pump that is the PowerMaster Eco uses up to 70% less energy than the traditional single speed pumps on the market.  Saving that kind of power demands the Davey Powermaster Eco to be seriously looked at.
The PowerMaster Eco is a quiet operator and having low noise emissions allows you to use the pump at night without disturbing and possibly receiving complaints from the neighbours.  And more importantly, it will not annoy you or your family members.
Strong corrosion resistant materials with the latest in motor technology is expected with products from Davey, and this is exactly what Davey delivers ensuring the PowerMaster Eco will last and last, never failing to its job of pool filtration.  Other features include auto reset thermal control protection and the PowerMaster Eco also has a large leaf basket which can be easily removed after viewing its contents via the see through lid.
With a 3 Year Guarantee to back the Australian designed and made Davey PowerMaster you can rest at ease knowing you have the best of units.  And saving power means saving money, and the Davey Power Master Eco will save you money.  You can depend on it!