The Davey Frill-Neck Wizard – Wizardry in Motion

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Epools Davey Frill Neck WizardAnd ‘hey presto’ the pool is clean!
If you like keeping the pool clean and inviting and are looking for a cleaner that does a wonderful job then consider using the Davey Frill-Neck Wizard automatic cleaner for your pool. Davey’s reputation alone should sway you in your decision, but if it is an affordable and efficient cleaner that you are after, a cleaner that leaves the pool in the superb condition and practically urges you to jump in with a big splash, then the Frill-Neck Wizard is the cleaner you want – somehow it cleans the pool as if by magic.
Even if the pool pump you are running is small, it doesn’t matter, the Frill-Neck Wizard only requires low flow rates to run whilst not missing a beat as it relentlessly attacks the debris that has annoyingly found its way into the pool. In fact, one wizardry stroke is that it requires only 60 litres per minute to run and effectively clean the pool beyond belief.
Don’t be afraid of the Frill-Neck making too much noise either. By using a super-quiet piston propulsion system and using no diaphragms the Wizard will operate whisper quiet as though controlled as if by magic. After all, Davey didn’t name it the Wizard for nothing.
With only one moving part, and made from UV stabilized and chemical resistant materials the Frill-Neck Wizard is designed to last and last, giving you years to enjoy the cleanliest of pools without you doing any of the hard work. The hard work is made to look easy while under control of the Frill-Neck Wizard. Even maintenance of the system itself is quick and easy, as is setting the Wizard up and operating.
If the pool is above ground, inground, concrete or fiberglass it doesn’t matter. The Frill-Neck Wizard will work with almost all surface finishes, leaving whichever pool better off after its experience with the Frill-Neck Wizard.
This awesome cleaner comes with a flow meter tester which will allow it to work in perfect symmetry with the pump and also comes with 12 quality tested hose sections with oh so easy push-fit connections.
When it comes to pool products Davey are leaders of the pack. And when they release a new cleaner you can be sure it will be of the best make and standard. As is , of course, the Davey Frill-Neck Wizard. It is pure wizardry for your pool.


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