The Zodiac T5 Duo – Cleans the pool while you relax

Zodiac Baracuda T5 CleanerLeave the hassle of pool cleaning behind and don’t worry about the dirt and debris that the pool can gather. There is no need, not when the Zodiac T5 Duo can do all the work and you can use the pool for what it is meant for – relaxation and enjoyment!

Always at the forefront of pool maintenance, Zodiac has once again delivered an easy to use and highly efficient suction cleaner using its one of a kind Baracuda technology. The Zodiac T5 Duo is certainly an ideal choice of pool cleaners where it will perform at an optimum level and keep on performing, gathering any unwanted materials that may want to linger in the pool. Say ‘no’ to a dirty pool and say ‘no-way’ to any work to keep the pool clean. But say ‘yes’ to the T5 Duo and allow it to do all the work. It makes perfect sense.

The Zodiac T5 Duo is simple to set up and install and is ready to use in next to no time with its ergonomic and user friendly design. Nobody wants to have a pile of small parts that seem impossible to assemble even by following an instruction manual, with the Zodiac Baracuda T5 Duo there a only a few large parts that connect easily and in just a few simple steps. So once the T5 Duo has been purchased, it can be in the pool and cleaning in a matter of minutes.

Not only is the Zodiac T5 Duo ergonomic and simple to use, it has been made stronger and longer lasting than previous suction cleaners and you can be assured that it will work at the highest level of performance and keep on working year after year. The T5 Duo only has one moving part whilst working, and this ‘Duralife Diaphragm’ offers fantastic performance with maximum suction power and all the while leaving you, the owner, with very low maintenance costs. Water flow and hose durability has also been improved and maximised with Zodiac having developed and patented a new twist lock hose assembly.

The Zodiac Baracuda T5 Duo has also been designed with a two disc configuration which allows the T5 Duo suction cleaner to move and get to all areas of the pool easily and efficiently. Because of its ‘Duralife Diaphragm the Zodiac T5 also operates on a near silent level, so it will not bother you or your neighbours while in operation.

The T5 Duo has been made to work at maximum levels in all in ground pools and will clean all major surfaces such as concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, tile, fiberglass and vinyl. So whatever the type of pool, you can be assured that the Zodiac T5 Duo will keep it crystal clean, time and time again.

Backed by a manufacturers 2 year warranty and coming with an installation and troubleshooting DVD, the Zodiac T5 Duo is a unit that must be highly considered to take on the laborious task of pool maintenance. With great prices on offer and knowing that the Zodiac T5 Duo functions wonderfully well, the choice of suction cleaner is made for you.


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