Pool Cleaning Made Simple with the Zodiac Barracuda G2

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Zodiac Barracuda G2 Automatic Pool Cleaner Strong and durable, the Zodiac Barracuda G2 is a practical and efficient suction cleaner that will keep the pool clean and free of built up dirt and debris. This reliable pool cleaner is easy to install and requires low maintenance. And most importantly, the Zodiac Barracuda G2 is affordable and time saving.
The Zodiac Barracuda G2 possesses a hydrodynamic shape that directs water flow and helps give it great suction. Along with its strong suction the Zodiac Barracuda G2 has fantastic manoeuvrability, easily getting up and down the side areas of the pool, randomly cleaning from end to end.
The Zodiac Barracuda G2 contains a cleverly designed cassette system that helps it move and clean at a high level of performance. The cassette swivels freely which allows the Zodiac Barracuda G2 its great manouevrability. This cassette is quick and simple to insert having a ‘twist and release’ system for hassle free maintenance. Its disc structure gives the Zodiac Barracuda G2 very good adhesion to the pool and it contains pliable inserts that scrubs the pool’s surface.
Suction cleaners are the most common type of pool cleaner and the Zodiac Barracuda G2 is the logical choice when guaranteed performance is sought after. Its proven design lets the Zodiac Barracuda G2 move about its business quietly and effectively, all the while collecting everything from dirt, bugs, foliage and even small stones.
It is worth noting that when the time comes for replacement parts, many generic, they are readily available and not demanding on the budget. And Containing no nuts or bolts the Zodiac Barracuda G2 is a non-corrodible unit and it is easily connected to the skimmer box for use.
Sit back and relax while the Zodiac Barracuda G2 does the hard work gathering with its powerful suction all the unwanted materials that find their way into the swimming pool. It certainly is a simple to use, strong working suction pool cleaner.


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