The Zodiac Ei-25 & Nature2 Combo Limited Offer

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Zodiac Ei and Nature2 ComboEpools are proud to give you the opportunity to participate in this limited time offer of a Zodiac Ei-25 and Nature2 Combo offer. This offer will enable you, or your home handyman DIY person to easily install a Zodiac Ei-25 Salt Water Chlorinator and a Nature2 water treatment system.

You, the pools owner, will benefit from the application of this combination of Salt Chlorinator and the Nature2 mineral based water purification system with Lower Running Costs of your swimming pool.

The Zodiac Ei-25 is a DIY dream to install which can give you a fully operational Self Cleaning salt water chlorination system. This system is easily installed and setup into most plumbing setups on the Return to Pool line. This will avoid the need for you to use those harsh chlorines and save your cloths when it spills onto them. This chlorinator also has the feature of an automatic timer for you to start and stop your filtration system.

To watch Epools YouTube video of the Ei Salt Chlorinator please click here.

Nature2 mineral based water treatment system is a cartridge placed inline that is able to dispense Nature2’s exclusive water treatment chemicals into your pool. This increases the effectiveness of the chlorine by use of its bacterialcide and algaecide properties. Gives your pool clarity and safety during those hot summer months!

What you get in this special Combo Offer:

  • Zodiac Ei-25 Salt Chlorinator
  • Nature2 Water Treatment System

The benefits you get are:

  • Easy DIY installation.
  • Self cleaning salt water chlorinator.
  • Automatic timer facility to start and stop your filtration system.
  • Reduced chemical sanitizer costs.
  • Algae and Bacterial control.
  • Ease of use in the peak swimming seasons.
  • Reduced chlorine needs
  • Cost affectivity.

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