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LeafWIZARD Head (NEW Up Grade Turbo Sweep )

LeafWizard Pool Cleaner New In Box Complete.
  • Davey's LeafWizard is one of the few pool cleaners that are actually Australian made. Around 80% of all pool cleaners sold on line are imported. They're usually not quite as high quality as Australian made machines.
  • The LeafWizard is a upgrade of the model formerly known as either the Questa, Max-I-Vac or Turbo Sweep.
  • For the new model Davey rebuilt all the dies and tooling and have significantly improved it.
  • This pool cleaner is great for large leaves. That both because there are no moving parts, and because the extra large suction opening allows leaves to pass through with out snagging, Other pool cleaners, like the Baracuda, have a cassette and the Kreepy Krauly has a hammer - both methods that mean the leaves go through a opening that is closed for 35% of the time. (So when the filter is being cleaned and backwashed leaves can get caught in the hammer).


  • It is the best for very leafy pools.
  • Unique reverse and turn action these units don't get stuck.
  • Brushes and vacuums simultaneously totally silent and non electric.
  • 2 Year limited warranty in concrete, fibreglass vinyl or tiled pools.
  • Price includes GST.

1. Patented Split Suction - clean water (less than 5% of total water flow) is drawn in through the grill, powering a simple turbine which drives the cleaner around the pool.2. Wide Mouth - all leaves, dirt and debris are vacuumed up directly into the leaf basket and filter without having to pass through any moving parts. The extra large suction opening (3-4 times larger than other suction cleaners) allows larger leaves and debris to be vacuumed up.3. Patented Turning Cycle - the flipper wheel periodically reverses direction turning the cleaner around and away from corners or step areas. The special flipper arm extends when reversing, dislodging the cleaner from pool lights or other raised pool fittings.4. Brushes - concealed brushes gently sweep fine dust and dirt into the extra large suction opening.5. Powered Roller - the powered roller drives the cleaner through transition ledges and over main drain covers or high spots in the floor.6. Tyres - specially formulated natural rubber hi-profile tyres provide exceptional traction.

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