Wet Frog second stage wet filter

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The Wet Frog second stage constant filtration system is the ideal solution for wet systems.

Wet systems run pipes underground and then up into the tank.Water remains in these pipes even during periods without rainfall.

It is designed as a completely sealed unit to filter through a 500micron stainless steel mesh that removes fine silt that can damage washing machines when using rainwater from tanks.

Wet Frog

  • Easy installation
  • Closed system protects rainwater storage from light, mosquitoes and vermin
  • Lower maintenance than dry filter models
  • High volume whilst compact enough to suit 100mm pipe inlet and outlet
  • 500 micron stainless steel mesh filters fine silt and most pollens
  • Inspection and cleaning is easy
  • The unique design provides a single entry and overflow to the tank

Wet Frog overview:
  • In normal conditions water flows up through the inlet pipe and through the filter. As the water reaches the inlet level of the tank the water passes through the filter, leaving the silt and fine debris in the centre of the filter.
  • If the tank is full, water flows through the wet frog and down the overflow pipe.
  • In the event of storm water blockage water will exit the back flow cap preventing dirty water from entering the tank.
  • The filter cartridge can be removed for easy cleaning or replacement.
  • Suitable for left or right hand mounting.

Wet Frog Features:
  • Constant Filtration for wet systems
  • 2nd stage filtration
  • Ideal for removing fine silt which can damage washing machines when using rainwater from tanks
  • Single entry to tank
  • In built back-flow prevention


Stainless steel mesh - 500 micron
Pipe connections - 100mm round
Completely sealed unit
Filters out fine materials
Pull out filter cartridge
Gives protection to pump and controller
Use in conjunction with Silvan H2O Tadpole filter, as first stage filtration
Strong ASA plastic construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I clean my filter?
A: Regularly - depending on rainfall and site location

Q: How do I clean my filter?
A: Drain water below filter level, then withdraw filter cartridge from top of unit.

Q: What is a wet system?
A: Water remains in the pipes even during periods without rainfall. See diagram below.

Downpipes connect into the the main inlet pipe, which runs into the tank.

A separate overflow fitting is not required as an overflow is integrated into the Wet Frog filter.

All downpipes must also have a filtration device fitted (see Tadpole filter) which must have a maximum aperture of 0.9mm and be mounted above tank overflow level.

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