Epools Contact Enquiry Form

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Epools Contact Enquiry Form
Thank you for contacting Epools.
If you require more information about a pool or spa cover such as the best one to use for locking down over winter, or hold the summer swimming season heat in, With a spa cover is a hard cover best or a Foam Cover 10 mm or 20 mm cover best for a portable spa or a inground spa then please contact us.
Please think of Epools as you on-line pool shop, The difference may be that you can not drop by to require, how ever a photo or two would be just as good and may be more covenant. Please attach a photo or two this way we can see the pool or spa shape and any unusual features that you feel that you should explain, if you are unable to attach please send separately but let us know that you did send one.
We do use Skype or FaceTime for live video contact when necessary and this is just as good as a on-site inspection.
The more information you are able to give us the better we will be able to help you.
As photos are so necessary the initial contact should be too www.epools.com.au then a phone contact would be in order you could call 1300658313 but would be best to have the photos first a photo is worth a 1000 words. So please fill this out with the below information.