Zodiac Chemical Spa Care Kit

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Zodiac Chemical Spa Care Kit

Complete Chemical Spa Care Kit for your Spa containing all you need for your spa to relax and enjoy the ultimate spa experience at home at the end of a stressful day, because nothing feels quite as luxurious as slipping into the warmth of your own spa to relax the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

Spa Kit includes a range of specialised water care products to keep you spa sparkling and healthy. Designed to work in combination with each other.

Kit includes:

  • PQ Spa Sanitiser - Fast acting sanitiser. Controls algae and bacteria in spas
  • PQ Spa pH and Alkalinity Increaser - Increases pH and alkalinity in spas
  • Spa Oxyfresh - Eliminates organic contaminates and chlorine odours.
  • PQ Spa Bath and Cartridge Cleaner - Cleans pipes and cartridges
  • PQ Spa Kleer - Clears cloudy water and eliminates body fats and oils.
  • Nature2 Spa Stick - Mineral Purification, silky water
  • Box of 50 Pool and Spa Test Strips
  • Spa Care booklet with step by step instruction to make caring for your spa easy, leaving it beautifully
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