Davey Smart Pump PH Peristaltic Pump c w C38 plug - suits Existing & Non Davey models - M5138

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Davey Smart Pump Parastaltic pH Pump with C38 Plug #M5138

Davey smart pump ph control system

Designed for residental swimming pools with a salt chlorination system that is not nessasarially the lated model Davey, or not a Davey at all. The Davey Smart Pump is an affordable accessory to attached a most swimming pool salt water chlorinators to monitor and dose the swimming pool with acid as required. Keeping the pH at a recommended level also helps with the sanitisation of the water with the chlorine being produced by the salt chlorinator.
The C38 Piggy Back Plug simply plugs in line with the Existing Salt Chlorinator mains power connector plug.

    WHY CHOOSE THE Davey Peristaltic pH monitoring and auto-dosing pump?:
  • Automatically doses and maintains safe pH acid levels in your pool
  • Maximises the value and enjoyment of your pool
  • Low maintenance, less chemicals to handle and use
  • Easy to install - plug and play
  • Has low pH and high alarms which stop the pump and displays the current status
  • Compliments and assists in the disinfection of salt water chlorinators, chlorine and liquid chlorine systems
  • 100% compatible with pool acid commonly used to help balance your pool pH levels
  • Compatable with all residental salt chlorinators
Davey smart pump ph control system layout
Whats in the box:
- Davey Smart Pump pH Parastaltic Pump with C38 Piggy Back Plug ph: M5138
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