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Davey Products Australia Silensor SLS and Silensor SLL Models

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The Davey Australia pool pump the Davey Silensor SLS and Davey Silensor SLL range of swimming pool pumps are suited for many water situations around the house or business. The Davey Super-Quiet system is designed with a quiet water cooled motor captures excess vibration, allowing the Davey Silensor a level of very quiet operation. Rated between 54dBa and 56dBa. When properly installed you will barely know it is running.

Ausralian Made for Australian Conditions. The Davey Silensor range of swimming pool pumps are made here in Melbourne Australia. These pumps unlike many other major brands, are not made in China or Malaysia to a budget! The Silensor range of pumps are tried and tested as a culmination of Daveys engineering experience in both the Pool, Irrigation and Water Treatment sector of the water industry.

The extra benefit of using a Davey Water Cooled pump. The Davey Silensor SLS and SLL range of pumps can easy be fitted into a unventilated, hot area as the water cooling system does not require a fan to cool the motor.

The Davey Silensor range is designed for dependability and a long service life. Never overheating because of it being water cooled and having a full polypropylene casing, it will never corrode unlike its metal and cast casing counterparts.
davey silensor sls swimming p[ool pump
Davey Silensor SLS Range

This quiet running swimming pool pump featuring water cooling, which eliminates that wining fan noise, is an economical, long lasting swimming pool pump to suit all your sand filter or cartridge filter needs.
The Davey Silensor SLS range of pumps are designed as a direct screw in replacement for the older Davey Power Ace and Power Ace CR ranges of pumps.
davey silensor sll swimming pool pump
Davey Silensor SLL Range

This quiet running high capacity swimming pool pump features many of the qualities of the Davey SLS Pumps including the quiet running water cooling system. With heavier duty motor and winding, and a large leaf basket at the front. This is an ideal premium quality pump for a swimming pool or spa pool application.

Key Features of the Davey Silensor SLS and SLL Models:

  • High performance Water Cooled motor for energy efficient, quiet use all year round.
  • Super Quiet Operation – rated between 54db and 56db. This is lower than the normal speaking voice of 65db.
  • Large Leaf Basket – On Davey Silensor SLL models. The clear easy to remove lid to see collected debris.
  • Dry Running Protection – to protect the pump when there is no water inside the pump.
  • Davey Silensors’ are built with strong UV resistant polypropylene materials for strong service life.
  • Quality ABS quick coupling barrel unions for simple installation.
  • Silensor drain plug for quick draining of the casing for easy removal and maintenance.

The Davey Silensor SLS and SLL Models Excels in the Following Applications:

  • Filtration – Davey SLS and SLL models are great for daily filtration needs.
  • Automatic swimming pool cleaning. Both suction and some pressure cleaners.
  • Sand and Media filter backwashing – suited for the high performance flow rates required to clean these types of filters.
  • Water features – The Davey Silensor is ideally suited to the quite running needs of a garden water feature.
  • Spa jet operation – Larger models with high flow rates are great for a firm or strong massage.
  • Solar pool heating – Davey SLS models in particular are a consumer choice for longevity and quiet operation to run solar pool heating.
  • Gas and Heat Pump pool and spa heating – Davey Silensor SLS and SLL models aren’t effected by the hot water output of direct heating systems.


The Davey Silensor SLS series of swimming pool pumps have been designed with the replacement swimming pool pump market in mind. The Davey pump engineers have designed the Davey Silensor SLS swimming pool pump to be a direct screw in replacement for the superseded Davey Power-Ace and Power-Ace CR range of pool pumps. The table below will give the change-over pool pump chart:

Davey Silensor Pool Pump RangeDavey Power-Ace & Power-Ace CR Range
Davey Silensor SLS75Davey Power-Ace 75 & Power-Ace CR75
Davey Silensor SLS100Davey Power-Ace 100 & Power-Ace CR 100
Davey Silensor SLS150Davey Power-Ace 150 & Power-Ace CR 150
Davey Silensor SLS200Davey Power-Ace 200 & Power-Ace CR 200
Davey Silensor SLS300Davey Power-Ace 300 & Power-Ace CR 300



All models of the Davey Products Silensor SLS and Silensor SLL range come featured with the following manufacturer warranties:

Davey Silensor SLS swimming pool pump: 3-year domestic warranty and 1-year commercial warranty.

Davey Silensor SLL swimming pool pump: 3-year domestic warranty and 1-year commercial warranty.


Flow rates and performance for the Davey Silensor SLS75, SLS100, SLS200, SLS300 models:

davey silensor sls pump performance graph

Flow rates and performance for the Davey Silensor SLL200, SLL300, SLL400 models:

davey silensor sll performance graph

What’s In The Box:

The Davey SLS & SLL swimming pool pumps come with the following items in the box.

  1. One Davey SLS or SLL Swimming Pool Pump.
  2. Appropriate 40mm or 50mm Unions.
  3. Pump Lid Spanner
  4. Installation and Operating Instructions

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