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Drain Unblocker! Primes Pumps Removes Blockages

Drain Unblocker For Both 40mm & 50MM Pressure Pipes. With the Drain Unblocker! you can prime your pool pump. The Drain Unblocker! Is a simple to ... more info

Part No : #186

Pumps-A-Lot The Super Fast Water Drainer

The Super Fast Water Drainer Ideal for Swimming Pools/Spa, Ponds, Building Sites, Flooded Premises, Aquariums Boats etc. Click garden hose onto ... more info

Part No : The Super Fast Water Drainer

Snake Drain Cleaner

Snake Drain Cleaner The Snake Drain Cleaner is ideal for Swimming Pool/Spa, Sink, Wash Basin, Shower etc. Clears Blockages and Keeps drains clean ... more info

Part No : Snake Drain Cleaner

Master Plunger

Master Plunger - World's Best Plunger. Colour may vary. Ideal around the swimming pool for the unblocking of light blockages in pipework. Also ... more info

Part No : Master Plunger 500