Solar Filters

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Energy Filter Replacement Cartridge

Jandy Energy Filter Replacement Cartridge. Thanks for shopping we epools you may require more information about this part, You can use this contact us form for the best advice or help, please send photos with this form. ... more info

In Line Strainer or Sightglass 40mm to 50mm

In Line 40mm to 50mm Strainer or Sightglass Stainless steel strainer. Easy serviceable parts replaceable. Clear body so you can inspect. Each end has a screw removable ends of easy cleaning. For use on 40mm pressure ... more info


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Jandy In Line Fine Energy Filter

Jandy 40mm In Line Energy Fine Filter Filter complete with cartridge Filter prevents small particles getting in to solar water features or pressure cleaner pumps.  


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Tuffilta And Jandy Solar Replacement Filter Cartridge.

Tuffilta Solar Heating Inline Repleacment Filter Cartridge. Dont stop the water replace the cartridge yearly keeping the fine bits building up and blocking some of the solar tubes matting. When solar matting gets blocked ... more info

Tuffilta Solar Heating 40mm In-line Cartridge filter

Tuffilta Solar Heating Inline Filter 40mm Stop all the fine bitts building up and blocking some of the solar tubes matting. When solar matting gets blocked then it holds water preventing it from returning to the pool, When ... more info


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Waterco In-Line Stainless Steel Debris Water Strainer.

Waterco In-Line Stainer Description Fits 50mm pressure pipes use 50mm to 40mm reducer if required. Can be used in both straight through or as a 90 degree mode. Stainless steel mesh over layered with PVC reinforcing ... more info


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Zodiac Energy Filter or Truflow Canister O Ring

FREE FREIGHT Zodiac Energy Filter or TruFlow Filter Canister O Ring This O-Ring is to suit the Zodaic Energy Filter, and also the TruFlow Filter canister to seal the canister to the body of the unit. Whats in the box:- ... more info


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