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Davey Robotic Cleaner Wonder brush Set of 2

Davey Robotic Cleaner Wonder brush Set This is the Wonder brush set which is suitable for the Davey Optima and wallclima cleaners Whats in the box: ... more info

Part No : 6101610 x 2


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Dolphin Pro X Robotic Cleaner Bottom Lid Assembly

Dolphin Pro X Bottom Lid Assembly. We have not listed all the Dolphin PARTS as there is so many how ever we will get back to you if you follow the ... more info

Part No : 9995550

PAL 2000 Concrete Pool Light and Transformer

PAL 2000  Pool or Spa Under Water Light For Concrete Pool/Spa At times the light housing may move when concrete is placed, This light has a ... more info

Part No : BE39-2RC54


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Pal Colour Touch Led Pool Lighting Systems - Fibreglass

Pal Touch Led Lighting system The original Pal pool light has just got better! This System Contains the Following PAL Touch Kit, for Fibreglass ... more info

Part No : (BE42-TCR-4) + 2x(BE42-4CR20L)


... more info
PAL2000 Concrete Pool Light and Transformer

PAL 2000 Underwater Light (for concrete pools) Contains: Light wall fixed housing. Concrete underwater Light.IP64 Transformer.24m lead.Blue, Green ... more info

Part No : maytronics MK734124


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PAL 2000 Halogen Fibreglass Light and Transformer

PAL 2000 Halogen Fibreglass Underwater Light (for fibreglass pools) Contains: Fibreglass U/W LightFixed housing (for fibreglass pool wall) IP64 ... more info

Part No : MK734024


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Pal 2000 LED Pool Light And Transformer

PAL 2000 LED Underwater Niche Light Fibreglass Pool/Spa Complete with IP64 transformer. 12 Volt 24m Cable Complete with threaded housing and ... more info

Part No : MK734024L


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Spa Light 12V

Spa Quip Light Replacement Spa Pool Light hole diameter/ size 60.5mm (2.5and ) Designed to suit all types fibreglass Spa Pools come with lead red and ... more info

Part No : maytronics Q3701

Pal 2000 Ajustable Concrete Pool Wall Light Fitting,

Pal Light Niche/Wall Housing Concrete Pools Only. DescriptionThis housing is adjustable if/when housing is not straight in concrete wall.  Suites ... more info

Part No : MK734101

Pal 2000 Lens Clamp Ring

Pal 2000 Lens Clamp Ring As a pool store/shop both online and in-store clients can use our return policy (conditions apply) Fast and efficient ... more info

Part No : K734454