Slurrpy Venturi Sand or Water Pump

  • Model: 2STDPP

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Slurrpy Venturi Sand or Water Pump
  • The manufacture of the slurrpy suction pumping tool is stopped its production and this is a better alternative follow this link and check out the totally made stainless steel version.

    What is the SLURRPY Sand or Water Pump ?

    The SLURRPY pump is a water-operated venturi pump which can be operated by a garden hose to pump Water or sand etc The garden hose is attached to the pump and when water is flowing thru the slurrpy you can immerse it in sand or water and it will discharge it thru the waste outlet. Pool service people use this to empty the sand out of sand filters when they are doing a sand change for the filter

    How the SLURRPY Pump works

    The water from the garden hose is forced thru a small jet into a venturi which causes suction which is strong enough to suck in water and solids and discharge it into the waste outlet.

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