Pool Poppits

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Poppits Water Balance 1Kg

Poppits Water Balance Used to raise total alkalinity levels and increase pH. GST included in price. Image is for illustration only Manufacturers ... more info

Part No : 348320

Poppits Pool And Spa Complete Maintenance And Clarifier

Poppits Complete Maintenance And Clarifier 5L For both pools and spas keeps water crystal clear and extends life of pool water. 5L Contains ... more info

Part No : 348119

Poppits Spa Pipe Degreaser 500g

Poppits Spa Pipe Degreaser 500g DescriptionTo clean and remove unhygienic body grease build-up from spa pipes. Shipping GST included in price. ... more info

Part No : 348140

Poppits Liquid Flock 1 lt.

Poppits Liquid Flock 1 Lt. Flocculent to clarifiy spa water, collects all minute debris for easy filtering. Fast and efficient freight. GST ... more info

Part No : Liquid Floc