Poolrite Manta Parts

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Poolrite Manta Cleaner Pleated Seal Disc - Genuine

Poolrite Manta Pool Cleaner Disc Thanks for shopping we epools you may require more information about this part so you can use this contact us form ... more info

Part No : W45365

Leader hose adaptor

Poolrite Manta Leader Hose Adaptor This is the adapter for the end hose section to suit a Manta pool cleaner. This part fits into the extension pipe ... more info

Part No : W30217

Manta Poolrite Pool Cleaner Flexi Foot

Genuine Flexi Foot/ Sole Generic Poolrite 'Manta' Pool Cleaners It is good to replace the sole as if worn down it will reduce the water flow in to ... more info

Part No : W69560

Poolrite Manta Cleaner Diaphragm

Zodiac Baracuda Cleaners Diaphragm "Check Inside Page For Full Cleaner List" This is a genuine Zodiac part that will fit the below list There is ... more info

Part No : W81700

Poolrite Manta Hose lengths Quantity Buys

Poolrite / Manta Hose Quantity Buys These hose lengths suit both Poolrite and Manta automatic pool cleaners The unit price decreases with ... more info

Part No : H 465

Generic Poolrite Manta Pool Cleaner Spare Parts with price

Manta Pool Cleaner Spare Parts Diagram and Prices As the Poolrite Manta swimming pool cleaner has been a superseded item of some time, a lot of parts ... more info

Part No : code from option

Poolrite Manta Spur Weighted

Poolrite Manta Pool Cleaner Weighted Spur. There were three pool cleaners using different versions of the Spur below is links that may help. See ... more info

Part No : W70305