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400 Micron Maxi Solar Swimming Pool or Spa Solar Cover


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Minimum length or width is 3 Metre.

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Maxi Solar Blankets – 400 Micron

Solar Covers help in keeping your pool warm,Save Water and Save Money

Save Chemicals by keeping water evaporation to a minimum, your chemicals last longer and don’t simply evaporate into the atmosphere

Save money and extend your swimming season with our Blue Maxi 400 Micron Pool Blanket

Saves heating costs by up to 70%

Our solar covers have a UV stabilisation process, advanced chemical resistant materials and reinforced laminates for tear resistance. Durable and reliable, our solar blankets will give many years of trouble free service.

Solar blankets work by trapping heat from the sun and transfer heat to the pool.

Minimises cooling by stopping evaporation and heat loss, especially at night when air temp drops below the pool temp.

  • Suitable for Above and In-Ground pools
  • Uses the energy of the sun to raise pool temperature.
  • Stops water evaporation by up to 97% chemicals last longer.
  • Comes with a standard 5 year pro rata warranty.

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