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Electric Air Pump 240V Toys Inflate/Deflate With Adapters.


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Air Time inflatable toy 240v

Brands:Air Time


Electric Air Pump 240V Inflate/Deflate With Adapters.


  • This electric air pump is a beast when it comes to home inflatables. Having a capacity of 0.55 PSI (3800 Pa) makes filling the biggest of mattresses seems like a walk in a park. Being one of the fastest electric air pumps in the market, this device has righteously deserved a place on our list.Using this electric air pump is as easy as it gets. you just connect the lock-secured nozzles to the inflatable, connect the device to a power source, wait for less than minute and you’re done. Coming with a variety of different nozzles, this electric air pump won’t say no to any inflatables lying around your house. It would gladly inflate- or deflate, anything that comes its way with a speed that’s like no other.If you ever think about throwing a pool party where you have a lot of inflatables, this pump is here to save the day. Whether they’re pool toys, bathtubs, swimming rings, it would take you a few minutes to inflate everything and get ready to have some fun. As for noise, most air pumps sound like a jet plane engine that’s running right next to you. However, this one cares about the well-being of your ears and your neighbors so it has very decent noise levels that sound at most like a distant, faint whisper.To make using this pump even more convenient, all of those features are placed in a very light and compact device taking no space of your house. You can store it anywhere, which makes having it around the house really convenient.Product highlights:Super-fast inflating of even the hugest objects
    Low noise level
    Doesn’t take space
    Comes with a variety of different nozzles.
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Air Pump

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