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Aqua Quip Twister Pool Cleaner Hose Un-Twister


Aqua Quip Twister Pool Cleaner Hose Un-Twister – TWI001


Twister Power Steering for your Suction Cleaner

  • The Twister power steers by twisting the hose and helps to steer your automatic pool cleaner this helps the cleaner completely clean your pool, And reduce the times it may hang up on some parts/areas of your pool like lights, main-drain covers, stainless steel ladders, pool water returns.
  • The Twister is powered by the constant flow of water through the pool cleaner hose and will counter-rotate the hose about 3 times per hour. A unique Angled Adaptor which is included with the Twister is fitted between the pool cleaner and the hose. The counter-rotation of the hose causes the adaptor to continually change direction, freeing your pool cleaner from the corners and steering it to areas it never reached before.
  • This simple to install (please follow unclosed instructions) unit is a must as it suits all popular suction style automatic pool cleaners including Kreepy Krawley, Baraccuda, Stealth, Predator, Ultra Vac, Turbo Sweep pool cleaners just to name a few…

Please Note: It is important to not have the Twister more than 20cm outside of the Skimmer Box Face. May not be suitable for some types of sectional hose.

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