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Aquaquip Aqua-Star Halogen pool light and Transformer Pack – Fibreglass

Aquaquip Aqua-Star Halogen pool light and Transformer Pack – Fibreglass – ASL 21x

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Aquastar Halogen Flush Mounted Pool Light and Transformer to suit Fibreglass Pools.
The Aquaquip Evo2 pool and spa light pack contains 1 to 4 lights and appropiate transformer for the number of lights being purchased.
The Aqua-star flush mounted pool lighting system combines many unique features resulting in a spectacular, reliable lighting system that is user friendly and easy to install.
The lights are cmpact, stylish and modern making them ideal for all types of water features, spas, fountains, water falls, beach areas and catch tanks.
The lights are low voltage and are designed andMade in Australia.
  • Lens Colours: Blue or Green
  • Light Output: 12v and 50w
  • Cable Length Options: 20mt
Aquastar Halogen Flush Munted Pool Lights are secured inside a recessed housing in the pool wall making the them stylish, modern and totally unobtrusive.
The lights are fitted with a 12v 50w MR16 halogen lamp and are supplied with quick fit Blue and Green Lenses.
Easily enhanced with the addition of the mirror polished 316 Stainless Steel Trim Ring Kits.

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